Why SEO and Web Design Should Be Done Together

As a business owner, you know that you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to a website. You’re willing to invest in a great design with great features, but then you get discouraged when your fresh new website doesn’t show up on the first pages of Google.

Then, you decide that you’re going to hire an SEO specialist to boost your rankings. But they don’t know how to tie SEO boosting features into your website’s design. And your web designer knows nothing about SEO … Now you’re stuck with a great website that does below average on Google. Isn’t that frustrating?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. There is an easy answer to your frustrations: find a company that does web design and SEO together.

And when I say company, I mean just that. For example, here at Key Web Concepts, we have a design team and a content/SEO specialists team. They collaborate together in order to produce high-quality websites that also rank well. The two work together to ensure that all of the site’s content is optimized.


Content is just as important as design

Of course you want your website to be user-friendly, designed well, and appeal to your potential customer’s eye … but the content, titles, keywords, and links all play a part in how your website performs on a search engine. So while the design is crucial, the content and the initial SEO are just as important.

When your design team collaborates with your copywriting/SEO team, the outcome is a fully optimized website that looks great, reads well, and performs its best on Google. If you provide poor content, don’t focus enough or too much on keywords, or just ignore SEO practices altogether — your site will not be as optimized as it could be. AKA, it’s not going to perform its best.

Design also plays into SEO

It’s not just the copywriters and SEO specialists that have all the SEO tips and tricks — there’s a lot that web designers do to a site that can enhance a site’s SERP rankings. Things like making a site mobile friendly, ensuring the page load isn’t too long, and presenting a clear and user-friendly navigation are all things that Google considers when ranking a website.

Hiring an SEO specialist alone could cause you to miss out on the SEO assistance that an experienced web designer could give your site. The two — SEO and web design — really go hand in hand.

SEO maintenance is crucial

In an ideal world, the company that designs your website and optimizes it for search engines would also be the company that maintains your SEO monthly so that you can keep up with the new trends and changes. Because SEO is forever changing and Google is constantly updating its algorithm, a well-performing site won’t maintain their rankings on its own.

Consistent updating, monitoring, and tracking your optimized site are important to see how and why your ranking may change. At Key Web Concepts, we offer multiple monthly SEO maintenance plans so that we can check in on your site and make updates to the keywords, title tags, content, and more to ensure that your site is optimized effectively. Even if we didn’t build your website, we can help improve your SEO and give recommendations for updates.

So if you’ve been frustrated or confused by a web design company who doesn’t know SEO or an SEO specialist who can’t update your site’s design — worry no more. Give us a call so we can deliver you a modern, updated website that is optimized and ready to rank well.