Why Business Cards Matter to a Small Business

  1. Online vs. personal connections, it matters to connect in real space.
  2. The business card is the first impression of your brand
  3. Business cards get shared around
  4. Business cards show that you have your act together


The history of business cards dates back hundreds of years to the announcement of royalty in far off communities. It was later adopted into the social etiquette of the 17th century as a means of announcing the arrival of upper class dandies.

Fast forward to the so-called Information Age of social media and smartphones and the role of the non-digital world is threatened on all sides. Email has overtaken postal mail. Instant messaging has replaced memos. Robotic replicants have slowly replaced our political leaders in anticipation of the tepid dawning of a machinery-ruled dystopia… yeah, maybe not so much but you get the point.

However, business cards still matter, especially to small businesses, because face-to-face interactions still make memorable impressions and business cards are the follow-up takeaway that seals the deal. So, although your business may not cater to royalty, it’s still important to have that physical business card handy to make your brand known in your own community.

Getting Into Their Personal Space

Small businesses, unlike large corporations with worldwide brand exposure, suffer from a double-edge sword of being more personal but less-known. Without universal brand presence that makes them instantly recognizable wherever they conduct business, small businesses rely on personal connections to establish a strong foundation of rapport.

Although this is a weakness of being a small fish in a big pond, it can also work to a small business’s advantage. Building a business on personal connections ensures a sympathetic customer base that will believe in you and what your business stands for.

This advantage, however, is contingent on the quality of the business relationship which is, in turn, dependent on an excellent first impression. Best first impressions are almost universally executed in person. A firm handshake and skull-piercing eye contact are the ingredients that burn the face of you and your company into the memory of your audience.

This means that, for all of the quantity over quality that the digital space can offer, the physical space is where a personal impression is solidified. That’s why business cards, being a purely physical object, play such an important role for smaller businesses.

Put Your Small Business’s Best Foot Forward

When you’re meeting a potential customer for the first time, chances are they’ve been actively forming an opinion about you since the moment you entered their field of vision. This sounds like a lot of pressure, especially since you are not only representing yourself, but your small business as well.

However, having a business card handy will help to solidify a positive first impression. That seemingly small card offers a sneak peek at the professionalism and reliability that your small business has to offer. It also provides all of the essential information that your potential customer needs to remember to contact your business; who you are, what you do, where you are, and how to reach you.

This enables you to have something physical for someone to take away from your conversation, taking your first impression a step further. Handing over a business card is a professional way to convey information quickly and efficiently, as opposed to fumbling for a writing utensil and something to write on or forcing your information onto someone’s phone.

Get Your Brand Passed Around

Getting your brand recognized in your community is key to your small business succeeding and growing. Once your business card is handed out, its journey doesn’t necessarily stop with whomever you gave it to. Even if what you offer doesn’t match the needs of the current cardholder, the tangible information can be easily passed on to someone they know who may be in the market for services that you can provide.

Something physical is also more likely to be remembered and referenced later on, especially if it looks unique or professional. If someone with your card is having a conversation with a friend about needing services that you offer, your business will more likely be in the back of their mind because your card is in the back of their pocket, and they can hand off your information.
Two businessmen shaking hands in a cafe

Look Like the Professional You Are

Having a business card is the easiest way to say, “Look, I’m legit, I’m reliable, and I’m a professional.” Especially if you’re newly established or not as well known, having a business card gives a face to the name, making your business look trustworthy.

Consumers want to go to businesses that appeal to their needs. They should not have to be putting in effort to find your brand. Having reliable information at their fingertips makes you a more appealing and professional option when it comes to looking for a business or service.

Your card is what separates you from your competitors. It’s a marketing tool that you can carry in your wallet, which is an easy way to get your brand out into your community. Your business is now legitimized, accessible, reliable, and circulating around.

The quality of your business card can also make or break your brand. If you hand out cheap, flimsy looking business cards, it says a lot to your potential consumers about the quality of work that you are willing to put into your services. A professional looking card equals a professional looking company. It’s worth putting in the extra time and effort needed to have a high quality business card complete with a unique logo in order to shine a positive light on your business.

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