Stay Competitive With The Newest Marketing Trends For 2023

1. Influencer Partnerships

Many marketers are now focusing on micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are social media promoters who aren’t as famous, but still amass a following. Their numbers are in the thousands, but they have a larger engagement with their followers.

Having an influencer for your company can: - Increase brand awareness - Build trust with your audience - Drive conversions - Generate leads - Reach a wider audience

TikTok has changed the game for video marketing.

Short-form videos allow you to engage and entertain audiences, speak on trending and relevant topics and reach a larger audience with a smaller budget and limited resources.

2. Short-Form Video Content

Take Your Video Content To the Next Level With Live Streaming.....

Live streaming allows the audience to interact with a company brand or influencer directly, giving them a deeper user experience and the ability to create personal connections and gain trust in the brand.

3. Interactive Elements

Interactive content includes: - Quizzes - Games - Polls - Contests - Calculators - Interactive maps By giving users a dynamic experience, you capture their attention and drive engagement.

Chatbots are another form of conversational marketing that allows users to interact with your company on a personal level, boosting engagement, improving customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Chat it Up With Chatbots

Omnichannel marketing involves integrating your customer experience across all of your channels and platforms. By creating a unified experience, you can create an entire journey rather than hoping a specific interaction resonates with your customers .

4. Multi-Channel Integration

Voice searches are Google searches, which is changing the game of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Marketers that rely on search query keywords are now framing their company’s content around questions. EX: "What is the weather in Richmond?"

5. Voice Search  Tactics with SEO

Market  Your Business The Right Way

Whether you plan to bring your small business to TikTok with short-hand videos or invest in SEO, you’ll be able to rise above your competition and reach your audience where they’re at.