Everyone relies on Google to find goods and services to help them. With Google giving everyone answers to their problems at a click of a button, it’s important for businesses to have an online presence.

Busy business owners need a digital marketing specialist to increase brand awareness online, drive engagement on multiple channels and generate client leads.

Finding the right person for the job is crucial. You need someone that is well-rounded to give you the best ROI. Here are fundamentals to consider and steps to follow for finding and hiring an online marketing expert for your company:

Marketing Specialist Vs. Marketing Agency

An in-house specialist maybe limited in skillset depending on your salary budget. An agency can provide well-rounded part time experience at a lower cost. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Digital Marketer?

The national average for an online marketing expert is around $85,000 a year — $45,000 a year for an entry-level hire. Agencies can cost up from $3,500 to $10,000 a month —still pricey, but a better value with more experience and capabilities available.

Decide On What Capabilities You Need

Your business is unique and has its own marketing demands, so when deciding on a new hire, make sure it’s a specialist who can figure out what will work best for your company.  They should be able to create a strategy that properly showcases your brand and promotes growth.

Some Questions You Should Be Asking Are:

Can They Analyze Data? Do They Know SEO? Can They Write Content? Do They Know Email Marketing? Are They Savvy With Social Media?

Tips To Find The Right Fit

Conduct a skills test to see how experienced they really are. Ask for testimonials and references so you have an idea of the ROI you are getting Have an in-depth interview and ask them how they would solve your problem.

Small Budget? Consider a Marketing Agency

Key Web has been helping small businesses grow since 2006. With a Fractional Marketing Service Plan, you can set the hours and budget while our team strategizes the best way to maximize your marketing spend.

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