Search engines like Google are a great way for people to seek out local businesses. But with a flooded market, it can be hard to get found online.

One of the best ways to beat competitors is a higher page ranking on Google. It may seem difficult to learn Google’s complex algorithm, but here are a few simple ways to help increase your search engine visibility.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google needs to know who you are and what you offer.  With your listing, you can establish your company website, control its presence and receive online data for you to monitor (like Google Reviews for example)

Write Quality Content On Your Website

Google will see your website as informative and reputable, which they love. Good website content examples include what you do, how it benefits your customers and FAQs. Your homepage should average around 1,000-1,500 words.

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Be Active On Other Channels

Adding content to other channels is important to maintain your online presence.  Post content regularly on social media channels relevant to your business to drive potential customers to your website.

Keywords Are Key.

Use keywords in your content to match user searches. If someone is searching for your service, what would they type? What location would they also include? This helps google understand what you offer and where you offer it.

Avoid These Bad Practices

• Keyword stuffing (too many keywords in your content/listing) • Getting your Google Business   Profile listing penalized • Low-Quality backlinks • Forgetting to address hacks • Writing content for Google instead of writing for the reader

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