Custom WordPress

Website Development

Develop the foundation for boundless creativity

Our custom-coded WordPress websites are made possible by a dedicated team of web developers. Unlike other web design methods that avoid coding, custom web development builds the website around your website’s design– not the other way around.

Powerful Strategy Built on Custom Web Development

Our website design process starts with understanding you, understanding who will visit your website and developing a strategy based on those insights. This design-first mindset puts the priorities in the right place. We design around you first and then rely on our development team to create that vision.

We keep the code simple and streamline for basic websites but we can also add custom functionalities for more ambitious projects.

Our Web Development Capabilities

Some web design agencies tout their ability to create sites on multiple Content Management Systems (CMS). But you need reliable partners who can create websites with real results, rather than masters of none.

As a boutique digital marketing firm, our team proudly uses WordPress as our exclusive Content Management System.

As the CMS for 40% of all websites on the internet, WordPress is the most popular and trusted CMS on the market. By utilizing its directory of 55,000+ plugins, we create custom website designs based on your specific digital needs.

By focusing on one CMS provider, we not only gain continued expertise in the system but can pass that knowledge onto you. Through our WordPress training sessions, you’ll have the skills to update your website after launch.

When you partner with Key Web Concepts, you’re working with seasoned experts in WordPress design and development.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Custom-Coded to Design Around You

Our development of custom WordPress web designs enables us to customize for your company’s uniqueness.

In addition to a professional web design that reflects your business, a custom website:

  • Loads faster with more efficient code
  • Ranks higher in Google with search engine optimizations
  • Has a customized backend for easier updated

Training and Support

Because we custom-code the website, the backend of the website is also customized. If you have website edits to make like updating phone numbers or adding staff photos, we make it easy.

WordPress Training Session

Plus, included in every web design is an hour long training session where we teach you how to use your website.

On-Demand Website Support

After your website launches, you own your website and can change it how you like it. But, if you have something complicated, we’ll be a phone call away. We’ll take care of the small tasks right away or quote you on more extensive edits.

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