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Local Richmond Web Design

Promote your local business or non-profit with a custom website

We’ve built hundreds of professional websites over the years for local businesses, non-profits, lawyers, contractors, small and large companies in Richmond and beyond. We collaboratively strategize and design websites to support your ambitions.

Over a Decade of Experience in Local Richmond Website Design

If you’re in Richmond, VA and are interested in web design for your business, you’re probably looking for a local web design firm. It makes sense.


Even though the internet is global and you could hire anyone from here to Timbuktu, you don’t want just anyone working on your business’s website. You want a professional web design firm that has experience working with local businesses throughout Virginia.


Key Web Concepts has over 10 years of experience building SEO focused websites for local businesses. From humble start-ups to established branded companies, we offer competitive, accessible, modern websites for Virginia locals and beyond.


Responsive web design for Stevenson Consulting in Richmond, VA

Making Richmond Web Design More “Richmond”

We’re right up the road when you need us.


A local web design firm is one you can meet with in person. It’s one you can grab a cup of coffee with and have a friendly face-to-face conversation.


We’re that kind of web design company. We pride ourselves on our professional work and local hospitality. Come visit our office, our staff is friendly, ready to hear about your passions, and love hearing about your business.


We know your competition


We’ve analyzed many local industries in the Richmond market including:

Working with such a wide range of industries and company sizes has helped us to become more aware of the businesses we use every day. Our job is to help you stand out from this competition by highlighting what makes you unique.


We know the culture of our Richmond community.


Your local business is designed to appeal to your community, so you need a web designer who understands that community. Our staff has experienced what Richmond has to offer, and we want to help you be a part of that culture.

We don’t have one of many national offices located here. Key Web is homegrown right here in Richmond, and we’re passionate about seeing our community thrive.

Our accessible websites are designed to promote local businesses, to get Richmond excited about your services. We don’t just design websites, we give back to the community we live in by boosting our small businesses.


Professional web design for Total Party Planner in Richmond, VA


Blending Visually-Appealing Form and Unique Functionality


The first step in unifying the form and functionality of your website design is getting to know you. This isn’t a drive-through. You’re not filling out a standard checklist of questions. This is a sit-down experience, where we’ll engage with an in-depth conversation about your brand, ideal audiences and business goals.


By understanding your unique brand, potential customers and future goals, your website can be designed around your business’s potential. It’s impossible to unlock this potential without getting to know you first.


Once we’ve talked with you about your business, we get to work with a strategy in mind. This plan will use our capabilities in web design, web development and search engine optimization to accomplish those goals. Your site will be the result of all of these elements working in perfect harmony.


Most importantly, you’ll be a part of every step of the process. This website design is for your business, so you need to be aware of what’s going on with your new design. You’ll be included in open communication with us, collaborating with us by answering further questions about your business and making sure the site fits your dream look.


Modern web design for Epperly and Follis law firm in Richmond, VA

Designing a Website that Unlocks Your Potential


Good web design unlocks new possibilities for your organization. When your website is accessible, modern, and responsive, everything works together to take the best of your unique company and present it online.


High quality web design is a key component of SEO for organic search results. That’s why your website’s design will be mobile friendly, keyword rich, and easy to navigate. Search engines like Google take notice of this user-friendly design and help increase your site’s visibility.


A clean, refined and modern design heightens the professional look of your company and well-written web copy connects your reader with who you are. Mix that with copy targeted at your local Richmond audience, and your website can open many doors of opportunity for your business.



Our Web Design Capabilities

Key Web Concepts

WordPress Content Management Systems

Our custom websites are built on the WordPress CMS to allow you complete control over your site’s content once it’s launched. We even offer a one-hour training session for you and your employees to make site management easy and cost-effective. If you’re constantly pressed for time or simply prefer we make your updates for you, we’re just a phone call away.

Key Web Concepts

Built-In Initial SEO

Every website we design includes strategic initial SEO. That means our SEO specialists will research phrases your customers are searching for and where your unique business can excel in SEO. While we can’t guarantee long-term success without a dedicated SEO plan, your website will have a headstart in the rankings on launch day thanks to optimized keywords, targeted metatext, and user-friendly design.

Key Web Concepts

Website Redesigns

Technology is continuously advancing, and it’s possible your website design and functionality are outdated even if the site is only three years old. Redesigning your existing site can help retain users, increase website traffic, and ultimately create more opportunities to connect with potential consumers. Read more about the right time to redesign your site on our blog.

Key Web Concepts

Responsive Design

With mobile users now exceeding desktop users, it is crucial for your website to be mobile and tablet-friendly. We will design a website that will adapt to fit any screen size so you can maximize its functionality and more easily reach your customers, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Thorough Answers to Your Web Design Questions


You probably have plenty of follow-up questions about web design and about our process. While we can’t answer all of them here, we do have plenty of blogs that can offer immediate answers. They cover topics from web design, seo and digital marketing, so you’re bound to find the answer to your burning question.

It All Starts With a Conversation

Before your business’s online presence potential can be unlocked, you need to discuss your big ideas with someone. You need to bounce your ideas off of someone who not only gets web design but also business marketing and SEO.


If you’re looking for that expertise, it sounds like you need the web design experts at Key Web Concepts. Our designers have experience with local Richmond business websites. We strategically play into your brand attributes and industry local search data to create professional websites.


Contact us to schedule a free consultation and begin unlocking your site’s full potential.