Top 5 Web Designs from the 90s

AOL Logo 1990s

I invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me to a time of dial-up internet connections, AIM chat rooms, ball-mice, and floppy disks.  The web was in its infancy, but it was so new and we were much more easily entertained.  I think it’s high time that we pay homage to those pioneer web designs before facebook, youtube, and imgur.  After all, it’s 90’s day here at Key Web — so let’s get started on our countdown of the TOP 5 WEB DESIGNS FROM THE 90’S.

#5 – McDonalds (circa 1996)

McDonalds really pulled all the stops on this site.  The design was forward-thinking with it’s liberal use of simple, flat color – which as you know is all the rage nowadays to accommodate mobile devices!  The use of jarring red and yellow demands your attention and certainly makes me want to go out and eat a day’s worth of calories in one sandwich.

McDonalds Website 1996

#4 – Google (circa 1998)

Google hasn’t changed very much over the years.  Sure their logo may look way better now, and their unique doodles make history and current events infinitely more fun, but the essentials have stayed the same.  Longevity and consistency prove that Google’s original vision was clear, effective, and filled a huge need. Many other search engines have come and gone, but Google is the staple.

Google Beta Website 1990s

#3 – Apple (circa 1997)

Apple was always on the cutting edge of technology, and this piece from 1997 is no less impressive.  Left-hand menus have actually made a resurgence in modern web design, so this is surprisingly relevant given that it’s almost 20 years old.


Apple Website 1990s

#2 – Nickelodeon (circa 1999)

In the 90’s, Nickelodeon was a powerhouse for kid’s shows.  Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and All That were just the tip of the iceberg of an expansive wealth of quality mind-numbing entertainment.  Nickelodeon’s website from 1999 reflects this overwhelming dominance.  The experimental use of transparent .gif files paved the road for more complex layered designs in the early 2000’s


Nickelodeon Website 1990s

#1 – Space Jam (circa 1996)

Without a doubt, Space Jam’s original website from 1996 is the epitome of mid-90’s web prowess and skill. This swirling vortex of graphical genius is a time-tested achievement for the ages. With any luck, Warner Bros will continue to host this gem until the end of the internet or the world — whichever comes first. With Looney Toons ready to guide you at nearly every click, the site user is swept into an immersive online environment.  It is my privilege and honor to crown Space Jam as the winner of our countdown.  That’s all folks.


Space Jam Website 1996

Happy 90s Day from Key Web Concepts!