Additions & Assumptions


The agreed-upon scope of the project is laid out in this proposal. Any client-requested additions to the site in the form of new pages or new functionalities will be billed in addition to the proposed total at the rate of 100/hr.

Print Materials

Physical marking materials in the form of brochures, postcards and other handouts can provide an additional mean of promotion for your business. For a complete breakdown of pricing, please visit


The timeline and associated costs of this project have been developed with a number of criteria included as assumptions. The proposed timelines and costs of this project are subject to change based on any change to the scope of this project or any delays on the part of the client in meeting communicated deadlines.

Project Scope

The agreed-upon scope of the project is laid out in this proposal. Any additional time or client-requested additions to this proposal will be billed in half-hour increments in addition to the proposed total at the rate of 100/hr. Requests that require extensive additional time and/or services outside of the scope of this proposal may be submitted as a separate proposal.


The client will be responsible for providing all photography of projects. Additional photography may also be obtained in the form of royalty-free stock photography. The costs for stock photography will be billed in addition to the proposed total.

Progress Invoices

Progress invoices will be submitted after 30 days of inactivity from the client if all remaining tasks are delayed due to client inactivity.

Post-Launch Changes & Upgrades

Emerge is not responsible for issues arising from the modification and/or additions to the website after the site is completed and launched. This includes any additional plugins that are added or upgraded on the website as well as any version upgrades made by persons outside Emerge. Any time and additional costs required to repair the site functionality by Emerge will be billed outside of this agreement.

Monthly Contracts

If you have a monthly contract with Key Web and/or Emerge, you hereby approve automatic payments. This allows you to have your balance automatically paid from an account or a credit card to ensure there is no interruption to service.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance plans allow for a set number of hours per month to be dedicated to website updates by the KWC/Emerge staff.  Any requests that exceed the allotted hours will be billed at our standard rate of 100/hr. for work above and beyond the standard maintenance package.  Key Web staff will do our best to clearly communicate any overage for approval prior to implementation. Any unused hours will only be carried over for up to 1 month.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Key Web Concepts and Emerge strive to bring the highest level of quality to all our projects. To achieve this goal, we need to cover our operating expenses. Therefore, we require that payments be made on-time with respect to the services offered to the client.

Our cancellation and refund policies are adjusted depending on the project type. Key Web Concepts and Emerge reserve the right to adjust these policies on a case-by-case basis.

Our standard cancellation and refund policies are listed below.

Website Design

Our web design projects require extensive research, software, development, and time that incurs internal expenses. Therefore, we require an initial non-refundable deposit before we can begin working on the project*. If the project is canceled, delayed, or postponed by the client before completion, then all monies paid will be retained by Key Web Concepts to cover these internal expenses.

*If you have a monthly contract, your initial deposit is included within your monthly payments.

Search Engine Optimization Plans

Key Web Concepts offers SEO plans that are charged on a 6- or 12-month basis. Work such as competitor research and regular site updates are completed on a monthly basis. If this plan is canceled before the end of a contract, any work completed during a pre-paid month cannot be repaid. Future prepaid months cannot be refunded due to the nature of the proposal.

Additional Expenses

During web design projects and SEO plans, Key Web Concepts and Emerge may have to purchase additional items for the client. These can include:

  • Setup fees
  • Software subscriptions
  • WordPress plugins

These expenses are applied directly to the initial deposit during the setup phase and are therefore non-refundable.