307.85% Increase: Terres Blanches’ Website Ages Like Fine, Organic Wine

Brand Crafting for a Hand-Crafted Wine Importer

It’s always invigorating to see startups that are built on passion. Beginning a new company brings a fresh perspective on a world of opportunity. When it comes to genuine love for the craft of wine-making, Terres Blanches Wine Merchants has that spark of classical adventure.

They are passionate about not only great-tasting but sustainably-grown wine. They work exclusively with obscure, small production growers in unique regions of France. Their selection of producers shows passion for the intricate art of growing wine using only environmentally-friendly methods. Terres Blanches carries a burning passion to tell the stories of these growers and the labor of love that each farmer invests into his or her craft.

Here at Key Web, we knew that the responsibility of empowering Terres Blanches to tell the stories of their wine growers rested on our ability to tell Terres Blanches’ story.

Brand Discovery: Crafting a Brand’s Unique Taste

A business’s brand should distill their unique story into elements that visually capture the full swatch of what their company means and stands for. To achieve this, Key Web required several hours of Cason Love’s time to take a deep dive into what Terres Blanches Wine Merchants means and will continue to mean for its future customers. With such a keen emphasis on selling unique wines not sold by any other wine importer, it was important that Key Web listened to the heartbeat of what made Terres Blanches unique as a company.


Our brand specialists didn’t start with proposing ideas and directing traffic toward an outcome they thought would look good. Taking nothing for granted about their own knowledge of the wine industry or the specific niche of Terres Blanches, Key Web started with questions.

The questions asked formed a brand discovery framework that systematically extracted Terres Blanches’ essence like grapes crushed in a wine press. The process pressed for the core values of what made Cason so passionate about his startup. For some portions of the strategy session, Key Web let the questions ferment in the business owner’s mind before expecting a well-balanced answer. For others, quick answers gave gut-reaction responses that plumbed the depths of what first impressions of the brand should elicit.

A Taste Testing Session for Design Approval

With the necessary information we needed to design Terres Blanches’ logo and website, our team poured their creativity into the project. Each stroke of artistry was dictated by the guidelines established in the brand discovery session. Each word was evaluated for its adherence to brand tone qualifications. The website’s content strategy wove together chapters of Terres Blanches’ story into a cohesive user journey.


The results were then brought to Cason for approval. Key Web gave the opportunity for him to swirl his glass around, smell the scent of a specific design choice’s flavor, and give his critiquing opinion.

We’re proud to say that the final design of Terres Blanches Wine Merchants’ custom WordPress website is a reflection, not only of our skills and abilities but of the client’s tasteful input and passion for what his company stands for.


Tasting Success

Since launching in 2019, Terres Blanches has seen an influx of success. Wine aficionados have flocked to the site throughout 2020. Comparing their Q1 user data year over year from 2020 to 2021, they’ve been flooded with website traffic:

  • Users are up 222.94% YOY
  • Google Organic Users are up 307.85% YOY

Part of the reason they’ve seen this much traffic is due to their high rankings in niche keyword searches. These rankings were gathered in April 2021:

  • Organic wine importer richmond va – #1
  • French wine importer richmond va -#2
  • Hand craft wine richmond va – #2
  • Wine importer richmond va – #3

When Richmond wine fans are looking to support smaller vineyards or organic options, Terres Blanches will show up at the top of their lists. They reached this milestone not only due to our initial SEO services but from offering a niche, high-quality product that appeals to their target audience.

We’ve done quite a few puns in this article so we’ll put a cork in it. Bottoms up!

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