36.8% Increase in "Catering Software" Ranking is *Chef's Kiss*

Total Party Planner Website Redesign

No one planned for 2020 to be an experience that has shaken up the entire globe.

As in-person gatherings screeched to a halt, so did the catering industry. Events are the lifeblood of catering. Without them, restaurants and caterers struggled.

Total Party Planner, a catering software company, has helped catering companies weather the storm. Having grown up working for his family’s catering company, TPP’s founder, John Cohen, knows and cares for the catering community.

TPP’s business is to help catering companies stay on top of operations with web-based software tools.

Implementing Brand New Brand Guidelines

For TPP, the website redesign was motivated by a change in TPP’s re-branding efforts. TPP had spoken with a reputable branding company in Richmond, Bonfire & Co.

Brand guidelines are very important to any marketing project. When done well, they are a set of rules that govern creative choices so that all marketing campaigns can have a strong and consistent brand personality.

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More Fun and Bouncy While Still Down to Business

The TPP website design shows how B2B businesses can still be fun. With rounded lettering and floating swoopy shapes, the TPP homepage is friendly and inviting. The colors are light and bright, contrasting a lot of the thicker and darker design elements on the previous website design.

We also borrowed a lot of the research in the brand guidelines for crafting better copy throughout the website. Headlines draw the casual visitor into learning about awesome catering software features by focusing on the benefits of using those features. Plus, you can find some restaurant industry jargon sprinkled in for flavor.

See the live website at: totalpartyplanner.com