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Rehab Intel Network

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  • Web Design

The Intel You Need for a Beautiful Website

Rehab Intel Network is a start-up that serves healthcare organizations and employers who deal with physical rehabilitation.  They came to Key Web with a clean slate, hiring us to establish their brand identity from the ground up.  This included logo, print, and web design.  We were thrilled to craft a brand with such open-ended and creative potential.




We tried something new with Rehab Intel Network’s website: we decided to build it on a full-screen, fluid responsive framework.  This was only the third website we’ve created that utilizes this unique approach, the first being Caryn’s Bridals, which launched in early 2014 to rave reviews.  RIN’s website was a bit less complex than Caryn’s, so we decided to build on that success and further refine our responsive architecture.  The result is an intuitive and dramatic layout that fills the entire screen, no matter what your viewport size. That means iPhones, tablets, netbooks, and massive computer monitors alike all have a high-quality user experience.

Visit the live site here.





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