400+ New Users and a Spot on Page One of Google

Key Support Services, founded in 2009, has been empowering individuals with disabilities by providing ample opportunity, connections and tools to equip individuals to live a life they find fulfilling. With over 50 years of experience, Key Support operates on the goal of staying agile and adaptable.

Carrying that mantra, they were ready to update their site. They needed a site to match their adaptable nature and they needed it to be user-friendly, navigable and using a design that incorporated their brand attributes.

Two “Keys” Unlock Better Search Results

When Key Support came to Key Web Concepts, they were already an established company. The problem? Their site failed to include any metadata for their site pages and they weren’t showing up for any queries related to their industry.

This means, if a web visitor wanted to find “residential support services”, “sponsored providers”, “individualized services” or “disability services” in the Richmond area, Key Support would fail to show up on Google results.

Visitors would continue on their merry way, without knowing of the incredible services, opportunities and potential that Key Support could give.

That’s when we came in.

Opening the Doors to Our Process

The Key Web creative team sat down with Pamela Jones with Key Support and discussed the problems of the old site, the issues visitors were experiencing and what she envisioned for the redesigned site.

And then we went to work.

Through a collaborative approach and open lines of communication, Key Web created a site that catered specifically to potential employees, direct support professionals, and families of individuals with disabilities.

We uncovered the brand attributes that distinguished them from their competitors, ironed out a design that matched who they are and optimized web copy that meets Google standards.

The website design incorporates their compassionate nature by including design elements that communicate holistic care.

With curved lines separating content on the page, the homepage helps portray Key Support’s natural methods of treatment. The gradients of color on the site add to this by communicating to visitors the company’s transparent communication.

From Bottom of the Barrel to Top of the Tower, Visitors Increased 1,153%

Just as Key Support does for individuals with disabilities, their new site helped unlock potential for lead generation, client acquisition and improved conversion rates.

Prior to their web redesign, Key Support Services wasn’t ranking for any industry-related searches. Being invisible on Google can mean lost opportunities and money left on the table.

Thankfully Key Support got in front of that with a website redesign and now they’re ascending the search engine ladder of opportunity.

All that to say, they have dropped the invisibility cloaks and now rank on major search engines like Google.

Outranking some of the top competitors in the area, Key Support now ranks in the top 50 for many queries related to their services.

Since the launch of the new and improved site, they have seen over 3,000 new impressions, over 400 new visitors, a 1,153% increase in new users and a 1,145% increase in sessions.

These are significant numbers and as of March 2021, Key Support Services ranks on the first page of Google for searches like:

  • Individualized services in Richmond – ranked #1
  • Richmond support services for individuals with disabilities – ranked #1
  • In-home residential support services in Richmond – ranked #2
  • Residential support services in Richmond – ranked #2
  • Community support services in Richmond – ranked #5
  • Sponsored providers Richmond – ranked #5
  • Sponsored residential support services – ranked #10

A Website Built on Passion in Richmond, VA

Key Support Services is now fully functional with a gallery feature on each page to highlight their individualized services. The new site is tailored specifically to showcase not only their knowledge and experience in their fields but the level of compassion on which they operate.

If you’re looking for customized services for individuals with disabilities in the Richmond, VA area, Key Support Services is ready to help!

And if you’re in need of a customized website, look no further! Key Web Concepts offers a free consultation to assess your web (and perhaps other branding) needs. Our team does this through discovery sessions and creative collaboration between you and our team of copywriters and designers to create a website that is reflective of you and specified to your audience.

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