Logo Design for a New Shaved Ice Company in Richmond, VA

Kula’s New Logo is Just as Sweet as its Native Hawaiian Treats

Nothing brings more joy to your taste buds in the sizzling summer heat than a cooling cone of shaved ice.

What makes shaved ice even better? Imagine purified filtered water, frozen and skillfully shaved down to the finest ribbons of pure snow. Add 100%, Hawaiian-sourced organic cane sugar flavors with snow-capped toppings of your desire and you have what we like to call a little piece of paradise.

Golden Merrill, owner of Kula, was looking to create his vision of high-quality, Hawaiian shaved ice that shares his mantra of living life like it’s golden. By partnering with Key Web to help build his brand through logo design and brand strategy, Kula is well on its way to helping Richmond locals taste the island’s good vibes.

A Golden Opportunity

When it comes to designing a logo, the brand is the most important piece of the puzzle. Through our in-depth and collaborative discovery session, Golden Merrill was able to reveal the meaning behind the name, his mission and more. This established the foundation that set the stage for his identity to be as carefully crafted as the shaved ice he provides.

Kula means Golden in Hawaiian. That’s pretty cool—And cool is what Kula’s all about.

The culture Kula brings to the mainland is a laid-back environment that is fun, positive and energetic. Can shaved ice do that? Sure it can. With the right staff, process and tropic visuals to boot, the experience can feel like sitting back in your beach chair and enjoying the cool ocean breeze just before surfing the north shores of Oahu.


Creating Parad-ice

Golden wanted Kula’s vibe to feel young, premium, playful and bold without complication. Selecting the right font to hang ten with his vision was the most important part of this process.

Key Web decided on a plump, fluffy font with personality.  This supported his goal of keeping it traditional and simple with a vintage feel that had a surfer-like aesthetic.

Hawaii is all about fun. The colors needed to reflect just that.

Radiant rays of the sun was the objective. Key Web used different tints of golden-yellow with an accent color of the infamous red dirt that resides on the island to pay homage to Hawaii.

Matching these beautiful colors with a crystal blue color as clear as their beaches brings contrast to help paint a picture of paradise.

Fun-Fact: If you look closely, you can see the shape of the sun dawning within the font.

While the curvacious typeface for Kula stands tall and bold like the statue of King Kamehameha, it needed a complimentary font that creates a hint of the tropics without taking over.

By using the descriptor line concept — where the brand name can stand alone and add supporting text that communicates services or products (hawaiian shaved ice) — this helps Kula avoid the typecast concept of being only known for shaved ice. Who knows, 10 years from now they could be the Chick-Fil-A of Hawaiian treats and offer a mouth-watering menu with a pristine process.

Aloha Richmond!

Kula is the start of something new for Richmonders, which is bringing Hawaiian treats to the east. By supporting the logo with patterns, colors and shapes that entice an eclectic experience, shaved ice is just the start.

Golden’s dream of delivering a chill vibe through tropic delicacies is only a food truck away.

Do you need a logo that lasts? Start by building a brand that blasts through the commotion of your competition.

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