Law Firm Partners Up with Key Web

Judging the Website & Logo Design

For over 25 years, Epperly & Follis, P.C. has been putting the people of Richmond first. They are a firm with a long-standing and reputable history. And their website matched that dated past. The firm came to Key Web with a site that was slow, outdated, restrictive and difficult to navigate. It failed to showcase brand elements and was aged in its aesthetic. Put us on the stand and we would say it had seen better days. With a dedication to helping those in need, Epperly & Follis, P.C. wanted their website to convey their client-oriented nature.

Using Our Best Brand Judgment

After a previous brand discovery session coupled with industry and competition research from our designer and SEO specialist, Key Web formed a content strategy and design direction specific to the brand of Epperly & Follis. Based on the law of that strategy, our designers modernized the website with traditional fonts and modern typographic and design practices. We created a space for extra content, laced with bar functionality and simplified navigation, passing the bar to give potential clients a user-friendly experience.

Serving Justice to their Website Design

During the process, our design team built a website that improved the overall user experience, reinstating how much Epperly & Follis values their clients. The final design integrates elements of their brand into an aesthetic with elegant simplicity to encompass the firm’s mission.

This new website matches their dedication to helping clients and their continued efforts to bring justice to the community. Now the Epperly & Follis website is as innovative as their representation of their clients.

View their website here