Firing Up The Rankings With 11,000+ Users

Bon Air Hearth, Porch and Patio has been redesigning homes with quality indoor and outdoor products, modernized fireplaces, personalized patio furniture and more for over 15 years. In the spring of 2020, they came to Key Web with an outdated website that failed to match their level of high quality and customer care.

Their old website was hard to navigate and cluttered with content, and didn’t properly represent the type of products Bon Air is known for offering.

What they needed was a fully functioning website that highlights their premium products and superior service.

Fueling the Creative Flame in Richmond, VA

Partnering with Key Web’s creative team, Mikki Hopcroft and Sam Ferguson kicked off the project by participating in a discovery session.

In this session, we uncovered what makes their company unique, how they operate and why they do what they do. We ironed out their needs for the new website, carved out their target audience and began building out website proofs that properly showcased their unique selling points.

After discovering that the majority of Bon Air’s clientele valued the versatile and credible nature of the business as well as their quality products and distinct features, we went to work.

Turning Houses Into Homes With A Results-Driven Website Redesign

The new custom website includes testimonial boxes for each page to reinstate their credible and trustworthy nature. The uniformity of the website works to represent their collaborative mentality when it comes to designing clients’ interior and exterior spaces.

To showcase their great work, our team included a portfolio section to be populated with the company’s most recent and notable projects. You can view some of their work here!

We incorporated the aspects of versatility and turnkey capabilities into the design of the website by creating homepage content blocks that flow fluidly as a user scrolls. These content sections address the what’s and the why’s of the business.

The newly revised content now entices users and converts casual visitors to returning customers.


Heating Up The Search Engines

After the website’s launch in August 2020, the website has since gained over 11,000 new users with over 85,000 impressions to the homepage.

With a dedicated following already, when Bon Air relaunched, their web user traffic exploded.

Since launch, Bon Air Hearth, Porch and Patio saw:

  • 11,237 users
  • 11,161 new users
  • 152,000 total impressions
  • 2,710 total clicks

Not only did Bon Air see an influx of traffic since the launch of the redesigned and now more user-friendly and easily navigable website, but they also saw an improvement in their online web visibility.

Where before they didn’t rank, Bon Air Hearth, Porch and Patio, as of April 2021, ranks as #1 for several industry-related search queries including:

  • “Fireplace insert Bon Air VA”
  • “Gas fireplace Bon Air VA”
  • “Fireplace insert Richmond VA”
  • “Fireplaces Richmond VA”
  • “Gas logs Richmond VA”
  • “Outdoor kitchen Midlothian”
  • “Outdoor furniture Richmond”

Igniting the Fire with Custom Web Design in Richmond, VA

Bon Air’s new website works to incorporate all the attributes that make their business unique. Offering turnkey services that range between installation services to maintenance checks, Bon Air’s website is now as unique and all-inclusive as their porch and patio furniture.

Because of open collaboration and unmatched standards of responsiveness, Key Web Concepts and Bon Air Hearth, Porch and Patio worked together to create a website that caters to their client base. Find more about their website here.

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