Richmond Fire Protection Company Increases Site Traffic by 81.58% With Custom Website Design

Adding Fuel to Their Local SEO Fire

Eagle Fire is a nationally recognized fire protection firm, offering businesses with fire protection equipment installations, maintenance, and design planning. With offices across the country, they’ve become a top name within the industry.

For many years, Key Web Concepts has been their partner in SEO growth, providing monthly updates to keep them competitive in the fire protection industry. In 2019, we noticed that their site was over 3 years old, meaning web design and user experience standards had changed. Not to mention, Google’s algorithm itself had evolved dramatically during that time.

It was time for a change. Not only in their web design, but also in their SEO plan. With a more accessible and expanded website, along with an upgraded SEO plan, Eagle Fire has already seen results in the first 3 months since re-launching their site, and they show no signs of burning out anytime soon.

Accelerating Growth by Rekindling the Flame

As Eagle Fire’s SEO account managers, we had intimate knowledge of their site and its performance in Google search results. While they were doing well, we did see room for improvement, mainly in updating their website.

While well designed for 2015, the site had become outdated and sluggish in the past few years. The design and site structure was missing opportunities to communicate their growth, experience, and what made them different from the competition: their specialized fire protection services.

When we floated the idea by the management team at the company, they were excited to begin the marketing strategy and redesign process.


Business Strategies That Bring The Heat

Through our tried-and-true Discovery Session, we were able to sit with the higher-ups at Eagle Fire and get a deeper sense of where they wanted their company to be in the future.

By understanding their business goals, target audience, and current pain points, we had the tools to design a website that could help them reach these goals while relieving their stresses.

With a responsive website updated to meet modern UX standards and expanded content written by the team at Eagle Fire, all they needed was an SEO plan to match their ambitions.

We suggested upgrading their current plan to our Premium SEO plan. With this expanded plan, we now have the time and resources to create additional content for the site targeted at specific markets like Hampton, VA and Greer, SC. We also have the ability to adjust the site’s content depending on changing trends.


Rising From the Ashes with 31.72% More Users

After tireless work from both teams, the Eagle Fire redesigned site launched at the tail end of March 2021. With expanded service and industry pages, along with a brand new look designed for mobile users, the new site is rising through the rankings like a phoenix.

But the work didn’t stop there. Soon after launch, we began work on their revamped SEO plan, creating new location landing pages optimized to appeal to specific target markets.

Since the launch, the site has seen improvements in traffic, and despite only being active for a few months, the expanded SEO plan has already improved their Google results. When comparing the past quarter, April to June, we found these impressive statistics:

  • The site’s users have gone up 31.72% Year Over Year (YOY)
  • Richmond users specifically have increased by 81.58% YOY
  • Compared to the previous 3 month period (beginning Dec. 29th to March 29th) the bounce rate has decreased by 9.56%
  • Compared to the same period, Hampton, VA users have increased by 12.50%
  • Richmond users specifically have increased by 81.58% YOY


Soaring Like an Eagle with Digital Marketing

These statistics show us a few things:

Eagle Fire is a prime example of how user experience and strategic SEO can improve your results in a short amount of time. With more data and quality work from Eagle Fire themselves, it’s easy to imagine their site showing up across the nation.

Visit their website

Providing the Spark for Web Design in Richmond, VA

Key Web Concepts’ web design projects are about more than creating pretty websites. It’s about understanding the business’s goals, designing accessible pages, and conducting the proper research for initial SEO, helping your site to hit the ground running at launch.


If you’re ready to can soar through the skies of search engines like an eagle, contact us to start discussing your business’s digital future.