Website Visitors Increase 4x In One Year

Environmental Hazards Services LLC

Just a year ago, EHS’ site received 638 users for the month of May 2020. Since then, the number of users to their site has increased more than fourfold. In May 2021, EHS saw over 2,800 users visiting their website.

These results aren’t by chance. 

They’re living proof of the power and influence sites can have when they’re built with SEO-friendly tactics in mind.

In tandem to this, EHS is evidence of exactly how those sites can reach exponential potential when they’re on an SEO plan that is tailored to their business goals and needs.

From 638 users to 2,816, EHS is (as of May 2021), in a 7-month-long streak of increasing their web visitors by at least 100 per month.

That is pretty significant.

Building an SEO-Friendly Website to Match User Needs

For EHS, also known as Environmental Hazards Services LLC, it all started with the realization that they needed a new website.

They needed a website that matched the brand they envisioned. EHS, as a leader in environmental safety within the Richmond, VA area, needed a site that positioned them as scientific and eco-conscious with a modern-tech aesthetic.

They are leaders, after all.

EHS and our team kicked off in April of 2019 with our strategy session. Typically, our collaborative sessions consist of activities that transfer knowledge of business goals and customer needs into a framework.

And it was that framework that helped us determine the design direction, content and initial SEO strategy — for the sake of an optimal user experience and better chances of conversion.

After hours of discussion and collaborative brainstorming, we uncovered one of their main goals of the project:

To improve website visibility.

LEADing The Process

In order to do this, our team dove deep into their industry. We wanted to understand the ins and the outs of the business and what made EHS unique from their competitors.

We worked closely with EHS to uncover their needs and desires of the new website, and the result was a design that spoke:

  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • A welcoming-nature
  • Sincerity
  • Credibility

Fully certified and accredited, EHS’s site matches their reputation as a reliable, dependable and trustworthy analytical testing laboratory in Richmond, VA.

Their analytical services focus primarily on lead, asbestos, PCBs, RCRA & other multi-metals, mold, silica, water and radon. And their site fully communicates that.

The updated and upgraded site is more navigable, informative, responsive and user-friendly.

This certainly helped keep users on their site and a more defined navigation made it easy for those users to find what they were looking for.

A Certified SEO Plan – A Hazard to EHS’ Competitors

After the launch of their site in September 2019, EHS signed up with one of our monthly SEO plans. Since then, they have seen the accumulation of more and more visitors to their site.

In total, EHS has seen 24,430 visitors since their launch. That’s roughly 1,200 new visitors each month.

Of those 24,430 visitors, 70.3% were users coming from organic search. 17,457 organic users have visited the site since launch. Organic users to a site is what describes users who find a site as a direct result of a query they typed into search engines like Google.

This means that EHS is showing up as the top results for keywords and queries related to the environmental testing industry.


Well, while there’s no way to know for certain the factors contributing to this success, we’d like to thank the website optimization and keyword-focused blog posts we curate on a monthly basis for better search engine rankings.

Since they began their SEO plan, they have reached the #1 rank for over 60 keywords (as of June 2021) including the following:

  • “What is TCLP testing”
  • “What is a TCLP test”
  • “Types of hazardous waste”
  • “Classifications of hazardous waste”
  • “Hazardous waste categories”
  • “Chemical waste classification”
  • “5 classifications of hazardous waste”

All of these queries come from blog posts curated from their SEO plan.

EHS’ site ranks on Google for over 300 keywords/keyphrases.

This means their chances of increasing their organic search traffic are that much more than the competitor who fails to have any SEO on their site.

Monthly SEO: The Key To Keep You Above Your Competitors

At the end of the day, consistently optimizing your site to Google standards has the potential to grow the traffic to your site, exponentially.

Working with our team at Key Web Concepts, you can rest assured that your site will be optimized to give you the best chance of increased web visibility. What does that mean? It means you give your business a better chance of being found online by customers who are searching for your services in the Richmond area.

To get the journey of a defined search engine presence started, go ahead and get in touch with us today!