Logo Design for Premium Electric Company in Richmond VA

Shocking the Life Into an Electrician’s New Brand

The saying goes “people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it”. As consumers, we care more about a company’s personality and virtues rather than the specific items or services they’re selling. If you can’t trust the business, you won’t do business with them.

As experienced electricians, David Hedrick and Brian Ferrier knew that their new business venture, H & F Electric, needed a strong brand identity in order to start on the right foot.

The bright pair came to Key Web Concepts looking for a new logo. What they got was a clearly defined brand, an adaptable logo and a host of new physical materials to show off their perfected brand identity.

Laying the Foundation

Brian and David met with us to partake in our Brand Discovery Session. This activity is designed to create a clear business plan and define the brand to make future marketing efforts easier to create.

By asking pointed questions about their industry, experience and audience, we worked with the duo to understand what they wanted to say to their clients and how they wanted to say it.

They wanted to convey their craftsmanship and passion for the work, how they treat everyone like a premium client through premium work. Most importantly, they wanted to avoid clichés of the electrician industry. So no lightning bolts, no plugs and no light bulbs.

Brian and David left the discovery session with a clearly defined brand, and we left the session with light bulbs above our heads.

Connecting the Wires

Using what we learned in the discovery session, our designer was able to craft a new logo to represent H & F’s exceptional brand.

We started with a Monogram style for the letters, reflecting a quality stamp of approval. Along with a geometric sans serif font that conveyed their precise work and a light font weight that showed their professionalism, we had the beginnings of a refined logo for their refined brand.

We then needed a way to visually convey their electrician’s services but without resorting to tired clichés. During this process, we noticed that with the monogram letters and their sans serif weight, the logo was overall out of balance.

To create this balance, we added a lightning bolt to the left side of the “H”. This creative use of the image not only conveys their service but also reaffirms their refined brand since it’s a creative and subtle use of a tired cliché.

Completing the Circuit

Once completed, we presented the logo to Brian and David and they instantly loved it. They appreciated the creative use of the lightning bolt along with the professional and experienced look of the logo. It truly captured their brand.

Through hard work and outside-the-box thinking, our designers were able to create a definitive brand and refined logo for H & F Electric. Now they can begin their marketing efforts with confidence and reach more of their target audience.