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E² Outdoor Adventures

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As a startup adventure company looking to appeal to thrill-seeking adults, E² Outdoor Adventures needed a way to make a big statement right off the bat. That’s where we came in.

Blazing a Trail for a New Audience

E² Founder Chris Olson approached us with a vision for a new type of adventure company. As a nature enthusiast, Chris noticed there were plenty of opportunities for children and students to go on overnight adventure tours in the wilderness, but no such opportunity for adventurous adults.





Chris came up with the name E² to represent two opportunities many adults are looking for: The chance to Escape, and the freedom to Explore. We ran with the idea and created a brand identity that was simple, fun, and not overly aggressive to ensure the appeal was as universal as the concept.

A Departure from the Traditional Website Experience

After we established the brand identity for E², it was time to brainstorm the website design. While many modern websites (including the majority of our own designs) aim to communicate as much information as possible in an appealing way on the homepage, we wanted to provide an online escape of sorts for weary internet travelers that would immediately stand out as a refreshing change of pace.




Rather than present information about the travel guides, company history, frequently asked questions and more on the home page, we decided to present visitors with a selection of beautiful nature scenes behind a single, simple option: Plan Your Next Adventure.




Taking away the additional options not only has the effect of directing users to the most important information, but also mirrors the experience they will have on their tour: escape from the communication overload, then explore your surroundings in peace with the added benefit of a friendly source of information ready to answer your questions.

Visit the live site here.

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