Disability Service Provider's New Website Averaging 2,000+ Users a Month

Wall Residences Averaging 2,000+ Users a Month

It’s been less than a year since Wall Residences began their SEO plan following an entire website redesign.

After coming to Key Web Concepts with an outdated website that failed to promote their culture and showcase their services, Wall Residences was in desperate need of a digital facelift.

They needed something modern, user-friendly and responsive.

They needed a site that was intuitive and easy to navigate for families and individuals looking for their services.

More importantly, they needed a website that potential clients could find online. They needed a site that was optimized.

Enter, a specifically goal-oriented SEO plan tailored to the needs of Wall Residences.

A Redesign: The First Wall to Break Down

When Wall Residences, a disability services provider, first came to Key Web, they didn’t rank for nearly any queries related to their industry. This means they failed to make an appearance in the search results when users typed things like “therapeutic consultation”, “community engagement services Virginia”, ”sponsored residential services”, “group homes” or “disability services”.

Pairing that with the old site’s lack of navigability and responsiveness (where they had a website score of 4/100… not 10), it was a perfect storm for the fates of SEO and website design to come together.

And come together, they did.

Wall Residences worked with our web designers and content strategists through our collaborative discovery session to iron out a design and content strategy that spoke directly to their target audience.

Their site now showcases their culture and their commitment to personalized services in an intuitive and accessible way. It’s a site that communicates their mission to improve the quality of life for those around us, embracing differences and establishing great relationships.


Now, An Ongoing SEO Plan

With an organization that serves as expansive a radius as that of Wall Residences, it’s of the utmost importance that their site is properly optimized. Offering several services for individuals living with disabilities, Wall Residences needed an SEO plan that increased their website visibility for their services in the locations they’re available.

They needed people searching for their services to be able to find them.

They needed potential clients to know they exist.

The Writing is on the Wall

After an initial meeting, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists went to work on a plan that was tailored specifically to these goals of Wall Residences.

It’s been less than a year since this plan was employed in January 2021 and their site has since seen:

  • An increase in users by 33.32% since 2020
  • An increase in sessions by 30.34% since 2020

Best of all?

Their organic search has increased 45.54% since 2020.

This means the amount of users to the site who are finding Wall Residences through related queries on search engines has increased significantly.

By nearly 50%.

From January 2021 to October of the same year, Wall Residences has seen over 20,000 users to the site with 11,493 coming directly from search engines.

When we break this down, that’s 2,000+ users a month.

In the last 10 months (January – October 2021), there have been over 12,500 clicks to their site.

All because of SEO.

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

These results are telling of the power of an ongoing SEO plan. Even more so, the SEO plan for Wall Residences, led to improved rankings where before they didn’t rank at all.

Since they began their monthly SEO, Wall Residences now ranks for over 200 keywords related to their industry.

Of those keywords, 89 rank on the first page of Google (as of October 2021).

And 18 of those keywords are ranked at #1.

Now, when website users search queries such as:

  • “Residential support Richmond”
  • “In-home residential support services”
  • “Virginia group homes”
  • “Therapeutic consultation”
  • “Sponsored providers Richmond”
  • “Disability services Chesapeake”
  • “Sponsored residential”
  • “Residential support services Virginia”

…they’ll find Wall Residences.

Our Wonderwall: Landing in the Ranks

In an initial campaign to improve these rankings, we developed new content for landing pages targeting specific locations and services offered by Wall Residences. Since then, there have been over 340 pageviews to those pages, increasing the overall visibility to the site.

What does this mean?

Simply put, improved website visibility leads to better chances of both increased lead generation and conversion rates.

Since January 2021, Wall Residences has received 146 new leads.

That’s 3.65 new leads per week.

Where before Wall Residences wasn’t seen, they’re now breaking through several walls of traffic from areas including, but not limited to:

  • Richmond
  • Harrisonburg
  • Staunton
  • Blacksburg
  • Culpeper
  • Winchester

Now, Wall Residences is becoming an authoritative presence within the industry of disability services for individuals throughout the state of Virginia.

That’s pretty powerful.

Ongoing SEO to Improve Lead Generation

These types of results are not necessarily unusual when a site has consistent SEO updates.  The more frequent a site is updated, the likelier the chance of an increase in website traffic, lead generation and client acquisition.

Wall Residences has seen this firsthand through an SEO plan that’s been ongoing for less than a year.

If you’re looking to upgrade your site from the deep recesses of Google’s search results and to the first page, then get in touch with us today to begin your journey towards website growth.