Corporate Aviation Asset Professionals

Nothing says prestige quite like private aircraft solutions. But private jets are some of the most expensive assets a corporation could own.  CAAP (Corporate Aviation Asset Professionals) is a company that specializes in assisting their clients with assessing and executing their aircraft asset strategy.

Key Web Concepts helped them convey the prestige and professionalism of their organization with a stunning website design.

It Started with a Conversation

To get the best possible website design for their company, we sat down with Pat Moran, CAAP’s President and Operations Manager, and listened to the story behind what his company stood for.  Every client we sit down with has a unique personality to their organization that we want to come through in how the website is designed and how the content is written.

Pat has a long history in the aviation industry.  He served for 20 years in the United States Marine Corps where he flew during the Invasion of Iraq and commanded Airfield Operations.  He has also served as a test pilot and consultant for government and commercial enterprises. He talked with us about his role as President and Operations Manager of CAAP and what he believed has made the company successful in brokering aircraft.

One quality that kept coming up was “analytic rigor.”  CAAP puts effort into conducting in-depth financial analyses to help its clients make well-informed decisions.  The team also has a wealth of experience in their field that they fully utilize to satisfy the corporations they serve.  It is a big cornerstone of their company that they showed in every facet of their business.

With this in mind, Key Web Concepts designed their new visually-riveting homepage to keep their values in the forefront.  The sweeping motion of the graphics speak to an sector of the transportation industry defined by swift and precise movement.  The homepage draws the user into navigating to CAAP’s services in the “How We Serve You” section through the use of squares that interact with the mouse’s cursor as it runs over that section of the page.


Taking Flight With Web Design

As CAAP continues its mission of setting up its clients for success, they now have a website design that will take them there.  It’s a great example of a company mission and the right marketing tool going hand in hand to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Visit the live site, here.

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