CityParking Revs Up 2,000+ New Users In First Month – Continues to Increase Online Presence a Year Later

Local Company Provides Convenient Parking Solutions for Communities in Virginia

Downtown Richmond is notorious for its parking problems. No matter if you’re in Shockoe Bottom, The Fan or Scott’s Addition, it’s always endless driving and risky parallel parking attempts when you want to go somewhere.

That is until David Sharrar and his family decided to become the solution with CityParking.

CityParking is a parking operator company with decks and lot locations in Richmond, Norfolk, and Fredericksburg. Founded in 2004, they provide daily and monthly parking options for commuters, visitors and residents alike.

If David Sharrar truly wanted to hit the ground running, he needed an effective website and SEO plan to help build his local brand and online presence while also addressing his community’s needs.

Key Web was able to do all that and more. Shararr teamed up with our marketing specialists for a custom website design project that introduced CityParking and gave users easy access to their services and lot locations – the rest is history.

A Web Design and SEO Plan That Puts the Pedal to the Metal

After a brand discovery session with Key Web, Sharrar cemented his goals to showcase his local brand message with a custom website that is artistic, responsive, user-friendly and easy to use.

For the site, Sharrar provided the content while our copywriters reviewed and optimized it. Our design and development teams then worked together to write a custom code on the back-end of the site that created a map directory of all their lot locations for users to browse through.

And it didn’t stop there. The custom website design project also opened the door for monthly SEO and print material opportunities.

Starting as a pro plan and eventually moving to one of our premium clients, CityParking receives monthly SEO services that help boost the site’s online presence and organic search ranking results. Key Web’s SEO team uses user data and competitor metrics to optimize the site with strategic content and keyword targeting.

To date, these are CityParking’s top-ranking keywords:

  • “City parking online”
  • “City parking richmond va”
  • “Parking in richmond”
  • “Parking downtown richmond”
  • “Parking garages richmond va”
  • “Richmond va parking lots”

As part of reputation management, Key Web’s content team writes monthly blogs and posts regularly on CityParking’s social media channels (Facebook) in an effort to showcase the brand as local, informative, and community-based.

Looking Through the Rear-View Mirror

Examining CityParking’s First Month

After successfully launching their website March of 2021, CityParking saw an instant boost in their online presence. Within the first month, the site:

  • Gained 2,388 new users
  • Had 3,396 sessions
  • Maintained a bounce rate of 38.84% (hardly anyone was leaving the site!)

Not only were bus loads of people visiting the website, but they were staying on and clicking through it to get information.


A Smooth Drive: Successful Stats for 2022

CityParking’s prosperity with their website has continued well past the first month. 2022 was their first full year, and it saw astounding numbers:

  • 42,444 users (29.46% increase YOY)
  • 64,257 sessions (37.22% increase YOY)
    • Average session duration was 1 minute and 38 seconds
  • 53.78% bounce rate

Of the new users who found the site, 15,083 (31.54%) came across it through organic search results — proving our SEO tactics to drive up traffic.

Thanks to the location keywords, CityParking was able to rank and show up in its prime locations. Its top cities were:

  1. Richmond
  2. Virginia Beach
  3. Norfolk
  4. Tuckahoe

(Fredericksburg was top 10)


Road Work Ahead…

With numbers like these, it’s easy to conclude that CityParking is doing well and will continue their growth in 2023. Its partnership with Key Web has helped Sharrar and his team become a Richmond staple in downtown parking – a name and logo easily recognized on the streets by the locals.

Are you looking to drive up numbers like these? Hit the gas with Key Web and see where a new custom web design can take your business.

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