Building search engine visibility for home-hopefuls by 129.7%

“It’s the only marketing I need to do.”

Imagine having a website that did all the work of bringing in new customers for you. You could rely on your website to represent your brand, your company values and your previous projects. Then your website visitors would call you up. No additional effort required.

Nathan Wiley, of Blue Ridge Custom Homes, is one of our SEO clients that has been very happy with being able to do just that. He boasts to his competition that the website brings in new customers all by itself.

Of course, WE know that’s not true.

Every month, as part of BRCH’s monthly SEO plan, we’re working hard to track how they rank in search engines. We then make edits so they can continue to bring in more organic search traffic. We also make recommendations for improvements that are outside of the scope of the SEO plan.

That’s how we came to suggest that Blue Ridge Custom Homes redesign their website.

Over the past year since their website launched, Virginia visitors to their website rose by 129.7% from the year before.

That’s about a third more visitors to their website than the year before. It came from new keywords like “luxury custom home builders richmond va” or “custom home builders richmond va” where they tend to be on the first page of search results.

Here’s how we did it.

Building a Custom Internet Home

Blue Ridge Custom Homes is a custom home builder in the Richmond, Virginia area. This full-service construction company builds unique houses that their customers can call home. They can use your plan or create their own to ensure that every aspect of your new house is fully customized.

Custom WordPress Design for a Custom Home Builder

We’re a bit similar to Blue Ridge Custom Homes. As a custom WordPress website design agency, we also design and custom build-to-order a “house.” The only difference is that we don’t build custom house for people. We build custom websites that house your brand.

Breaking Ground on Website Additions and Renovations

Blue Ridge Custom Homes wanted to redesign their website to refresh their web presence. Similar to the renovations that Nathan does for his customers, we drew up blueprints for an all new web design.

We incorporated latest web design trend considerations and search engine optimization techniques into a site that shows off a visually-striking portfolio of their completed projects. Their new website is now more mobile friendly and makes it easy for website visitors to call or connect with Blue Ridge Custom Homes.


Building for Better Search Engine Optimization

Because Key Web is a web design agency that cares about the many aspects of how you acquire customers, we build custom websites that are set up to rank well in search engines. We know that over 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search. This means that over half of all your potential customers will begin their internet session with a query in a search engine. What shows up in the search results can either be your website or your competitor’s. We work to make it yours.

Jumping Up the Search Result Ranks

With the redesign of Blue Ridge Custom Homes, we were able to make strategic web design choices that we knew would improve search engine visibility. Within a month after launching, Blue Ridge Custom Homes was already climbing the ladder of search results several rungs at a time. It is now ranking head and shoulders above its competition for search queries that matter to its target customers.


View the new website for Blue Ridge Custom Homes.