Listen, Plan, Create, Deliver

Our Website Design Process

We custom-fit our web design process to you

Our web design process reflects our commitment to your success. We get to know you, strategize with you, collaborate with your feedback and then partner with your long-term digital marketing goals. Each step of the process asks how we can craft everything we do to custom-fit you.

Starting with Strategy

Step one, after we’ve gotten to know you in a consultation, is to schedule a Kickoff Strategy Session. We’ve designed this workshop to get to know your business, your industry, your competitors and, most importantly, your target audience. We dive deep into who this audience will be, what they are hoping to do by visiting your website and how to help them engage with your business. We end with a road map we can use to navigate every design and content decision throughout the process.

Content Conception

Web designing involves creating templates that flex around what content you will be displaying on your website. Content can be information only you can provide like staff bios and staff photos. But it can also be carefully-arranged short blurbs of text on your homepage that strategically persuade the reader to get in touch. In both cases, the content of your website influence our design decisions.

Step two is when we collaborate with you to conceptualize and gather the content for your website. We rely heavily on our Strategy Session notes and what we know about your brand guidelines. This creates a custom website that uniquely speaks to your unique customer base.

Design & Development

Step three is when we bring our concepts into reality. We’ll send you mock-ups of homepage and subpage templates and discuss with you our thought process. Everything we do is tied back to your goals and the strategy we’ve discussed from the beginning. Once we determine the website’s look, our development team takes over and hand-codes your custom WordPress website.

Input & Optimization

Step four is to put the content in place, optimize it to maximize search engine potential and format it for easy reading on desktop and mobile devices. We’ll configure the settings on the website and smooth out any bugs before we’re ready to move on to step five.

Learn, then Launch

Step five is to not just show you the finished website, but also to show you the ropes. From time to time, you may need to edit pages on your website or add additional information. Our WordPress Training session sets you up to do much of this on your own. Once we have your approval, we’ll launch the website from our prototype servers to the domain of your choice. Now it’s published for the whole world to find and for you to share with others.

Relaying Relevant Resources

Our business relationship does not end when the website launches. We share data and insights relevant to local businesses around Richmond. As we come across new digital marketing opportunities for your business, we’ll share what we know on our blog and in our social media channels. We also invite you to reach out to us with questions and consider our monthly SEO plans to improve your website’s search engine ranking.