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Logo Design

A Solid Foundation

Our logo design process begins with a simple conversation between designer and client. We get a feel for not just the business model and type, but also its personality—how do you want your customers to feel when they see your logo? Often, looking at the logos of existing businesses similar to your own is a great place to start and can help you determine what you do and don’t like in shape and color.

A good logo is timeless, simple, and easily identifiable—too many design elements can quickly make a logo look muddled and messy. Scalability is also important because a logo should look just as clean and bold on a business card as it does on a roadside billboard.



Design and Shape

Brainstorming—both individually and as a group—commences once the designer has gathered as much information as possible from the client. Sharing our opinions and interpretations of different concepts ensures that the designs we present to the client are tested and approved by a multitude of personality types. The designer develops three separate logo concepts and a variation of each, which could include typeface, shape, and minor detail changes. Each concept is also presented in inverted colors to encourage the client to consider how the logos will look against black and white.



The designer makes rounds of revisions based on client feedback, and together they select a design shape that best represents the business’s identity and personality before moving forward with color options. Once again, the color selection process begins with client input, but our designers are happy to make suggestions based on color theory—for example, red is strong and powerful, and blue is tempered and natural.

Clients may also want to consider the color families most often used for their field and determine how being associated with national brands may impact them—the association can comfort customers, but the lack of distinct coloring can also cause your brand to become more easily forgotten.


Finished Product

After the designer has presented the logo in several color options and the client has chosen one, the designer will finalize the logo and send it to the client in AI, EPS, JPEG, PDF, and PNG files. If the file type you need isn’t on that list, just let us know and we’re happy to send you additional types—we want you to be able to use your logo wherever you want.


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