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You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Your logo is at the cutting edge of your customer’s initial interactions with you. Let’s make it your best first impression.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is an iconic/pictorial representation of your company. But what is it about your company that it represents? Is it your people-oriented customer service, your upscale services or is it your affordability? We help you answer these questions by defining your brand.

Branding is the sum of the many parts that form a company’s reputation to the general public. No company can control all aspects of their reputation. Companies with strong brands, however, powerfully influence the feelings associated with their brand.


What Makes a Good Logo?

A good logo is timeless, simple, and easily identifiable—too many design elements can quickly make a logo look muddled and messy. Scalability is also important because a logo should look just as clean and bold on a business card as it does on a roadside billboard.

It’s this attention to detail and care that makes all the difference when a customer has to choose between you and the competition. If it’s down to you and your main competitor, who do you want to look the most reputable and professional?

Why We Believe in Our Process

We know there are plenty of other options for professional logo design. That’s why we’ve invested in making our logo design process streamlined without cutting corners. We want you to be satisfied with the price and cost of a logo design with us.

We believe that price and cost are two different things. The price is the number on the price tag. The cost is the long-term result it has on your bottom line.

If you only look at the price for cheap logo design services, you run the risk of:

  • Multiple revisions
  • Miscommunication
  • Low-quality images of your logos from third parties who charge extra for other formats
  • Logo editors that are time-consuming

While the price might be tempting, the cost of a cheap logo design is dangerously high.

At Key Web, we maximize the value we give you by including a brand discovery session within the custom logo design process. We’ve proven that listening to you describe your company’s brand up-front helps us funnel our creativity into a logo that truly represents you.


Logo Design Process

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts

Brand Discovery

We kick off with a brand discovery session. Our framework aligns and prioritizes your ideas, values, and target market to create a mission statement that truly defines your brand. Our brand discovery session then becomes the brains behind the rest of our process.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts


After defining your brand, we can construct the scaffolding of your logo around what we’ve discovered. After some initial brainstorming, we present and explain our first-level options that will define the typeface (your font) and the shape of your icon. This keeps you involved throughout the core steps of our process.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts


Once we have your constructive feedback, it’s back to the drawing board for us. We use your comments to guide our creative process to more closely align the logo design with your brand.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts


The final step is to present your finalized logo to you for approval. You’ll receive the logo in all formats you could possibly use: .jpeg, .png, .svg, and .pdf. We do this to give you full flexibility to use your new logo across the web, social media, print marketing and even vehicle wraps.

Taking your business logo design to the world

Now that we know your brand, the result: colors, typography, design, and shape– that’s just the beginning. You not only get a logo, but you also establish your brand, its message to the world, and gain the confidence to compete in your industry.

"Key Web sat down with me, put together a comprehensive brand ID, made an amazing-looking logo, and created my business cards from scratch. I will definitely be using Key Web for all of my future marketing plans as the business continues to grow."

Fletcher Allen

Business Owner

Richmond VA

"They exceeded all expectations I had for branding and website development and came in under budget.

The Quality-to-Price Ratio provided by Key Web is second to none. I look forward to working with Key Web as my business grows."

Cason Love


"Great company, so helpful. Took my ideas and created a logo and theme to get my business off to a great start!"

Dr. Carla King

Business Owner

Richmond, VA

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