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Digital Marketing Services

Attract more website visitors and turn them into customers

Effective digital marketing that gets your business results comes down to two things:

  1. Engaging in activities that grow visitors to your website
  2. Improving their website experience so they’ll want to get in touch

Everything we do at Key Web improves either one or both of these sides of your digital marketing.

Being Easier to Find

We start with where your customer starts– the search bar. Your customers are searching for businesses just like you. They might find you or they might find one of your competitors from one or many channels.

  • Organic Search (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Offline Print Materials

We help you grow the traffic you get through these channels with websites built to rank well on Google, ongoing search engine optimization plans and graphic design work.

Improving the Likelihood They’ll Get in Touch

Good digital marketing isn’t just about getting more visitors to your website. It asks, “What do new customers do when they get there?” All the search engine traffic in the world won’t make a difference to your bottom line if your website looks unprofessional.

That’s why we are passionate about:

  • Web design that showcases the best of your brand
  • Web copy that persuades them of the benefits of working with you
  • An overall user experience that makes it easy to find information
  • Brand strategy to determine how customers can have a positive experience

Better Discovery and Better Conversion Equals Better Results

We mix it all together to create a strategy for your business that will have better results than the sum of each part.

Business Growth Services

Key Web Concepts

Custom WordPress Web Design

Your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing. Our custom WordPress web designs are uniquely built for supporting your digital marketing campaigns and always built to rank well in search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization

From web design conception to monthly optimizations, we give your website a healthy chance at capturing search traffic from your competitors.

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Key Web Concepts

Logo Design & Brand Development

We’ll help you determine the heartbeat of your company and coordinate your branding to reflect that. Your logo design, your colors, and your website will create a unified and welcoming experience for your customers.

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Web Development

Custom-coded web design means that we can design around your business’s marketing strategy. There are no pre-packaged websites for us. We start with listening to you first and then developing a website from what we hear.

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How your website looks and what your website says should work together. We sharpen both sides of your web design to give you a powerful tool for communication.

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Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to get lost on a journey when you don’t bring a road map. Use our marketing strategy sessions as an opportunity to unify your various online and offline marketing campaigns into one consistent direction.

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Graphic Design

Capture your audience with effective and professional graphics. Our graphic designers work with digital graphics for the web and offline graphics (like business cards) that we can print for you.

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Web Hosting

Secure a spot on the web for your website. We’ll handle your web hosting configuration so that you can focus on running your business.

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