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Web Content Services

Review, improve or renovate what your website says

Your website speaks for you. Our copywriters can help you determine what it says and how it says it. It’ll give an accurate and professional description of who you are.

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One thing we know about websites: your customers tend to scan, skim and scram. If what they read is easy to understand, matches what they’re looking for and shares impressive attributes about your company, they’ll get in touch.

Perfecting the website text (called “web copy” in our business) doesn’t have to be guesswork, though.

Our copywriters are experts in shaping and revising website copy to have the highest impact on your customers. Editing, formatting and re-writing web copy is what we do on an everyday basis. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of user behavior on the internet.

All this expertise can be yours to access on your website design project.

We can revamp existing website content to better suit your target audience or craft completely new material. We can improve what you write about your services, mission or team. We have extensive knowledge on the art of storytelling and implementing your unique brand voice. In addition to well-written copy, we also draw heavily on SEO best practices because we know that ranking higher on search results captures more traffic to your website.

Web Content Services

Content Support is where you get access to picking our copywriters’ brains.

You still write the web copy but we collaborate with you. We provide web content strategy, outlining what each page should say on your website and always being a phone call away when you get writer’s block.



  • Keyword research for your industry
  • Web content strategy
  • Access to our professional web copywriting team
  • Proofreading
  • Structuring content to maximize user experience and rank well on search engines
  • Transferring content to the new website
  • Initial search engine optimization

Content Support Process

Kickoff your creative process with a UX Strategy Session from Key Web. This meeting includes diving into the headspace of your average customer, their needs and your solutions. This helps us collaborate with you on how your website can speak their language. We also include keyword research from our professional SEO tools to align our strategy with helping you rank well on search engines.

Now, the writing process starts! With the lens of the strategy session and access to our copywriting team, you can evaluate the strength of your web copy. You can start with your current web pages or write entirely new website copy.

Don’t forget that, as you write, our copywriting team is available on request to discuss your web content strategy with you over the phone.

When you have your new site’s content written out, send it to our copywriting team. We’ll not only review it for grammar and spelling errors, we’ll also give you feedback and suggest edits.  We’ll restructure and optimize your content with headings, sub-heads, bullets, and other elements that make the pages easier to scroll through. Lastly, we input the content into the new site and complete initial SEO as described in Content Review.

Want your website to accurately speak to your customers?

Avoid the hassle of homework. Key Web’s expert copywriting team is available to you as if they were your own staff. We strategically create the content, catered to your customers, while you continue to run your business without lifting a pen.


  • Keyword research for your industry
  • Web content strategy
  • Client interview
  • Extensive research on your industry and products/services
  • Implementing brand voice from Brand Guidelines
  • Writing copy for every page on your website
  • Editing copy for attracting your target audience
  • Structuring content to maximize user experience and rank well on Google
  • Initial search engine optimization

Full Copywriting Process

Collaborate with our team in the UX Strategy Session. We’ll use this meeting to get to know your business. We’ll ask you questions related to your target audience, industry, services, competitors and what makes your business unique.

Next, we focus on researching your online competitors using extensive keyword research with our SEO tools. Researching your online competitive space will help us describe your business as unique from your competitors. We’ll also draw insights to write copy better than what anyone else is writing.

While we learn more about the ins and outs of your business, we also brainstorm and pinpoint your brand voice and the tone of the copy. Once your brand voice is fine tuned with feedback from you, we begin writing the web copy.

The copywriting team will then send you rough drafts of all pages for your review and feedback. When you’re completely satisfied, we’ll go ahead and input the copy into the new website where it’s optimized before launch.