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Your Business Has a Story

Every aspect of your brand, from your logo to your marketing materials, voice, and online presence, should relay it to your customers. We take into consideration your affiliations, purpose, and target clientele, plus color theory and the emotions that certain shapes or typefaces evoke, to help you build a unique and identifiable visual brand.

Logo Design

This process often begins with a logo. A well-designed logo sets your business apart from the competition and makes a great first impression on your potential clients–its typeface, colors, shape, and composition all contribute to your identity. We design logos that are striking, simple, and scalable, so that they look just as sharp on business cards as they do on t-shirts or bumper stickers.

Learn more about our logo design process here!

Brand Guidelines

Your business’s identity will be built around its reputation and the services you provide, but customers will recognize your company by your logo, colors, typeface, and photography style. Keeping these design elements consistent throughout the web and on print materials upholds your business’s standards and professionalism.

Check out Key Web’s branding guidelines here, and a set we created for our client Lucrescent here

Corporate Rebranding

Occasionally, companies see their identities evolving dramatically or shifting slowly over time, and suddenly their voice, logo, colors, and website no longer match their message. This can be confusing for both clients and employees. Corporate rebranding involves an overall evaluation of your business’s visual personality and web presence before moving forward to create a new identity that is cohesive, authentic, and unique. The unveiling of a new brand identity can also become the perfect opportunity to market your company to a new target market or to renew interest within your existing one. 

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