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Design your lasting impression

A logo is vital to a brand–but it’s not the brand itself. Your logo is your company’s first impression. Your brand is your company’s lasting impression. It’s what your customers will say about you, even when you’re not in the room.

Developing an Outstanding Personality

A winning personality stands out in a crowd.

Most industries are crowded.

For every product or service, there are dozens of options. The internet has only made it easier for companies small and large to get on the map.

To stand out, many companies opt to shout louder than the noise of the crowded market. They select pushy advertising methods that annoy the very customers they’re trying to attract.

A good brand flips that. It builds value in a winning personality that attracts and retains customers who are attached to who the brand is and what it stands for.

Over time, a brand outpaces pushy, salesy marketing. A strong brand strengthens positive associations with your brand. It builds customer loyalty and improves word of mouth and trust.

Define Your Brand

Our brand discovery process involves breaking down a brand into six core attributes that we feel best define your company.

We dive deep to determine what attributes define your:

  • Culture
  • Tribe
  • Voice
  • Impact
  • Value
  • X-Factor

After determining these core attributes, a brand promise, or mission statement is born. We use the mission statement and defined attributes to strategically design a logo and brand identity that truly feels like you.


Sharing Your Brand with the World

This method of design strategy determines that message that will echo across all your marketing materials. Your brand will be unified across your business cards, website, brochures, and other marketing strategies and collateral.

The confidence of a magnetic brand personality will empower you to go toe-to-toe with your competition.


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