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Custom Web Design in VA Beach

Improve operations and increase growth with a custom website design for your VA Beach business.

Your website is your best digital salesman. They talk about your company day and night and require little overhead.

Through an optimized website designed fit to your needs, you can enhance your marketing efforts and attract prospects with a site catered to you and your customers’ needs.

New Websites that Build Your Business Opportunity

Websites hold a lot of potential. Will yours promote your brand and services, or make daily tasks easier? How about both?

Successful digital marketing has the potential to expand your operation tenfold, but building a website requires more than you think. You wear enough hats as it is, and adding a fully optimized and efficient website to your list of to-dos will only increase your stress.

Don’t let your dream website go uncreated.

Key Web Concepts specializes in creating custom websites that help VA Beach businesses grow. You’ll work with us to create a personalized design strategy and craft a website that generates more opportunities for success. All the while, you’ll gain a partner in the digital landscape.


The Digital Marketing Future of Your Business Rests on a Good Website Design

There are an average of 3.5 billion Google Searches every day.

Odds are, people are sitting at home browsing the internet for their business of choice.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to build a strong online presence for your Virginia Beach business. By understanding what your target audience searches for, you can learn what they expect from your website and services.

Most users don’t have the time or attention to read stiff content or sift through dense site navigation – instead, they look for quality web experience from the get-go.

A mobile, responsive, user-friendly and fast-loading website could mean the difference between gaining customers or increasing your bounce rate. Whether you’re crafting your company’s first website or in need of a complete redesign, our professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your potential.

Reach your audience and keep their interest with a strategic web design.

Get Started

Web Design as Easy as 1-2-3

Understanding what you need is key to building the best optimized custom website for your business. Quality design starts with consistent communication, which is why you are included in every part of our three-step process:

The foundation of the entire project starts with you.

You’ll join us for an in-depth conversation to discuss your specific business goals, brand identity and unique selling points. This will set the tone and help us create guidelines for your website design and any future work.

Based on what we learn in the discovery session, our designers will build a website that addresses your needs and best represents your business. Then, our content specialists will craft SEO-focused copy that presents and enhances your services.

Your website should reflect your business and inform your potential clients. That’s why you have final approval for every part of the project — we take your input seriously.

Once every element is optimized and added in, we’ll present the website to you for final approval.

With your direction, we’ll launch the website and make sure everything is functioning properly. Then, you’ll receive a personalized training session to learn how to work your website.

Better Search Results For Your Website With Initial SEO

With more and more websites being built everyday, it’s crucial to stand out from your competitors. One of the most influential ways you can boost your website is through initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By optimizing your website with conversion-centered content, you can improve your visibility on Google and get more people to discover your business.

Key Web specializes in custom websites that have initial SEO built in. Our SEO specialists use keyword tracking techniques, intentional metatext titles and descriptions, Google Business Profile management and more while building your website.

This extremely valuable resource can strengthen your digital marketing efforts, improve your company’s visibility and appeal to organic users with ranked search results that help them find you. While other agencies focus on the aesthetics of web design, we also look at the search engine data to help your website reach its full potential.

Initial SEO is just the beginning. While we optimize your website for search engines from the launch, SEO maintenance plans will keep you ranking consistently against your competition. Key Web’s SEO plans will continue to update and optimize your content on a regular basis to grow beyond the initial boost.

Virginia Beach Web Design Services

Our custom websites are built on the WordPress CMS, allowing you complete control over your site’s content once it’s launched. You will receive a recorded one-hour training session from us to learn how to operate your website. If you don’t have the time for constant updates, we are only a phone call or email away

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to meet needs. In just three to five years, your new website could be completely outdated. Redesigning your current website will help retain users, avoid website crashes and increase website traffic to create more opportunities for reaching potential customers.

With phones becoming a large part of daily online content consumption, it’s crucial for your website to be mobile and tablet-friendly.

We will design your website to adapt to mobile and tablet devices, so your target market can reach you easily wherever they are.

There’s a lot that goes into having a fully functional website – you need a hosting service to house the site, and then you need to make regular updates to keep it going.

Key Web’s web hosting and site maintenance services can take care of your entire website’s ecosystem for you. You can get your time back while we look after your website.

"My company has worked with Key Web for more than two years and the excellent service we received on Day 1 is the same excellent service we receive today.

They built us a beautiful website (we still get compliments on it) and they are helpful and knowledgeable about every single question I bring to them."

Heidi Williams

Marketing Director

"The team was amazing, engaging and took everything into consideration when designing our website for our industry.

We can't thank them enough. We will absolutely use them in the future for any design needs/concepts."

Keira Lowry

Director of Marketing

"There isn't a week that goes by that we don't get several new clients and/or potential clients from the search engine optimization that Key Web does for our website. All I can say is BAAM...give these guys a call."

Chris Simmons


Successful Web Design for your VA Beach Business is Only a Conversation Away

Your big ideas are worth listening to. Explore your business’s online potential with professionals who will take the time to understand your ideas and are knowledgeable in website design, business marketing and SEO.

Key Web Concepts is eager to listen to your goals and find innovative business solutions for your company. Our designers have experience creating Virginia Beach business websites in a variety of different industries.

The Key Web will understand your brand and use it to create a professional website that can stand out in the search results.

Common Design Agency Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to designing a custom website.

The cost of a custom website design varies from company to company.

The price will depend on the complexity and number of pages on your site. For example, a simple brochure-style website might only have 1-3 pages and can take less time and resources to complete than an eCommerce site with multiple product categories that has more complex functionality.

We offer our discovery session as a standalone service to help you determine the scope of your project. It’s a cost-effective, minimal process that can be essential to outlining the details of your website design and marketing strategy.

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: Client responsiveness, functions & features, page count and content acquisition are just some of the larger factors that come into consideration when determining the length of time it takes to design your custom website.

The biggest factor that affects the web design timeline is content creation and acquisition.

It can be overwhelming to handle the responsibility of writing all of the pages your website needs while you run your business. That’s why we offer full content creation services to take the burden of extra homework off your plate.

We’ll focus on creating conversion-focused content so your website can continue to be built without any writing delays.

Your website will be designed with initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means we optimize the content and site to be search-engine friendly based on industry research. This is a great first step in generating a solid foundation for your online presence.

Initial SEO is not a guarantee of first-page rankings. But it helps increase your chances of visibility as opposed to a website design without any SEO strategy applied.

For that reason, it is recommended that you look into an SEO maintenance plan that can take your website to the next level against your competitors. Visit our SEO page to learn more about these plans.

Custom website designs are just one of our select digital marketing services offered.

We also offer specific services that tie into your website such as:


A website is only as good as the content that is on it. Your customers will read about your company to see if you are a good fit for them.

Our copywriters use traditional conversion-centered practices to promote your services, the features they offer, the benefits of those features and why you’re the right company for the job.

Learn more about our website copywriting services 

Key Web’s 15+ years of web design experience has spread across various industries.

From service-based businesses to product and SAAS companies, Key Web’s discovery process helps transfer knowledge of your business to our team of web designers, developers and copywriters to build a truly personalized website that can grow your business; regardless of industry.

Learn more about our Discovery Session →

When we finish designing your website, we will train you on how to operate it so you can make updates whenever you like.

Our training session will be recorded so you can always refer back to the video if you forget anything.

We will always be a phone call or email away if you do not feel comfortable making updates to your website.

Charges may vary depending on the scope of the request, but typically we will not charge for minor content updates that need to be made.

Key Web has designed websites for businesses all across the nation. So if your business is out of state, no problem! Our experience in website design travels well.

With Richmond, VA as our primary location, Key Web mostly services businesses of all industries in web design and more for the following Virginia locations:

and more!

Gain More Leads, Produce Bigger Profits and Grow Your Business

Let our team of experienced digital marketing specialists guide you on the path to success that your company deserves.