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Custom Website Design in Arlington, VA

Bring your business to the online world and increase your ROI

When you invest in a custom website design that caters to potential customers with easy-to-use navigation and client-driven content, you’re more likely to increase conversion rates.

Right on the outskirts of Washington D.C, Arlington is full of small businesses trying to make it in the bustling suburban cityscape. With so many companies competing in a saturated market, it can be hard to get yours seen.

Bring your Arlington business to the online world with a quality website that showcases your services.

Imagine going on Google, searching for your services and seeing your website as the first one to come up. The numbers show that the #1 search result is 10 times more likely to receive clicks compared to the #10 spot.

Successful digital marketing starts with an effective website that reaches the right audience. Grow your business with an optimized site that promotes your services and assists with daily operations.

Don’t have the time or resources to get it done right?

Key Web Concepts specializes in building custom websites for established businesses in northern Virginia. We have over 15 years of experience creating personalized design and development strategies that tailor to your specific needs. With us, you’ll gain a partner in the digital landscape who helps you find better business opportunities.

Design Services with your Arlington Customers in Mind

Which website would you want to explore more: One that’s lagging, full of blocks of text and taking forever to load, or one that pops up immediately and has plenty of graphics, pictures and short paragraphs to move you through the site?

If you’re like most people, you’ll choose the second site.

Studies show that 42% of internet users will leave a website because of poor functionality. User experience is a huge factor when it comes to successful web design.

A fast-loading website with a simple navigation encourages potential customers to explore your services and stay on the site. With client-driven content, you can appeal to their needs and nudge them towards contacting you.

Get a Website That Works

Successful Arlington Web Design Services in 3 Steps

Key Web communicates and collaborates with you to better understand your Arlington company’s current and future goals. By putting you at the forefront of the project, our custom website design caters to your needs.

After the initial consultation, you’ll meet with our web design specialists for an in-depth discussion that explores your brand identity, unique selling points and business goals. What we discover in this meeting will be used to create a guideline for the project and any future work.

Based on what we learn in the discovery session, our team of web designers will create a custom website that showcases your services, reflects your mission and helps your staff with daily operations. With this quality user experience, your business can stand out among the competition.

Your input is included at every step of the project to ensure you get what you need for the website.

After building out and optimizing your new website design, we look to you for final approval before launching. Key Web will complete quality assurance checks before and after launch to guarantee high quality and performance.

You will receive a personalized training session from our team once the project is complete so you can learn how to operate your site.

Be Easier to Find on Google with Initial SEO

Having a quality website is the first step toward building a strong online presence, but a pleasing design only goes so far. You could have a beautiful billboard with striking graphics and compelling copy, but it won’t get you any new customers if it’s placed in a corn field. The same goes for your website.

If you want your website to get seen, it needs to rank on search engines like Google. A high search result ranking means more people can find your website, which increases online leads.

Key Web can give you a website that’s both aesthetically pleasing and search-engine friendly.

Your custom site is created with initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into the design and copy. Our SEO specialists use foundational techniques like keyword placement and meta titles to create data-driven content that puts you ahead of your competition.

And this is just the beginning. Initial SEO gives you a boost at launch, but continuing to use SEO techniques with constant content creation will help you climb the rankings after launch.

Key Web’s Design Capabilities

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts

WordPress Website (CMS)

Key Web builds all of our sites on a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This will give you full control over the content that goes on your site. You can learn the basics of WordPress site management during our complimentary one-hour training session once your website has been launched.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts

Custom Website Redesign

Even the most advanced website can become outdated over time. Slow page speeds and lagging can turn potential customers away. If you want your site to stay relevant, you should have it redesigned every few years.

Stay ahead of your competition by redesigning your website to keep up with modern designs and user preferences.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts

Responsive Web Design

Over 85% of the human population has some sort of smartphone device. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, these tech-inclined potential customers can’t find your site. That’s like leaving money on the table.

Stay ahead of the times with a responsive web design that’s both mobile and tablet-friendly.

Small Business Custom Web Design in Richmond VA - Key Web Concepts

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Keeping your website fully functional takes a lot of work – you have to find a hosting service to house the site and then you have to make regular updates.

Key Web is a one-stop-shop for domain services, taking care of your site’s entire ecosystem. If you want to save time and avoid more work, our web hosting services and site maintenance services can monitor and improve your site for you.

"There isn't a week that goes by that we don't get several new clients and/or potential clients from the search engine optimization that Key Web does for our website. All I can say is BAAM...give these guys a call."

Chris Simmons


"Key Web has handled our website since the very beginning, and they have delivered top notch service every step of the way. Highly recommended!!!"

Kevin Baker


"My company has worked with Key Web for more than two years and the excellent service we received on Day 1 is the same excellent service we receive today.

They built us a beautiful website (we still get compliments on it) and they are helpful and knowledgeable about every single question I bring to them."

Heidi Williams

Marketing Director

Grow Your Arlington, VA Business with Professional Digital Marketing

Bring your brand to the digital world and increase your marketing ROI with a custom web design that showcases your services and caters to your target audience.

Key Web has been building custom websites for over 15 years for small businesses just like yours. With over 1,000 successful websites under our belt, our web design company has the skills needed to build you a website that’s both user-friendly and search-engine friendly.

Don’t let a slow-loading and outdated website keep you from reaching your business potential. You can reach the right people and increase conversion rates with a custom design.

Schedule a consultation with us today.


Common Website Design Questions

The cost of a custom website design varies from company to company.

The price will depend on the complexity and number of pages on your site. For example, a simple brochure-style website might only have 1-3 pages and can take less time and resources to complete than an eCommerce site with multiple product categories that has more complex functionality.

We offer our discovery session as a standalone service to help you determine the scope of your project. It’s a cost-effective, minimal process that can be essential to outlining the details of your website design and marketing strategy.

When we finish designing your website, we will train you on how to operate it so you can make updates whenever you like. Our training session will be recorded so you can always refer back to the video if you forget anything.

We will always be a phone call or email away if you do not feel comfortable making updates to your website. Charges may vary depending on the scope of the request, but typically we will not charge for minor content updates that need to be made.

Custom website designs are just one of our select digital marketing services offered.

We also offer specific services that tie into your website such as:

Key Web’s 15+ years of web design experience has spread across various industries.

From service-based businesses to product and SAAS companies, Key Web’s discovery process helps transfer knowledge of your business to our team of web designers, developers and copywriters to build a truly personalized website that can grow your business; regardless of industry.

Learn more about our Discovery Session.

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: Client responsiveness, functions & features, page count and content acquisition are just some of the larger factors that come into consideration when determining the length of time it takes to design your custom website.

The biggest factor that affects the web design timeline is content creation and acquisition.

It can be overwhelming to handle the responsibility of writing all of the pages your website needs while you run your business. That’s why we offer full content creation services to take the burden of extra homework off your plate.

We’ll focus on creating conversion-focused content so your website can continue to be built without any writing delays.

Your website will be designed with initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means we optimize the content and site to be search-engine friendly based on industry research. This is a great first step in generating a solid foundation for your online presence.

Initial SEO is not a guarantee of first-page rankings. But it helps increase your chances of visibility as opposed to a website design without any SEO strategy applied.

For that reason, it is recommended that you look into an SEO maintenance plan that can take your website to the next level against your competitors. Visit our SEO page to learn more about these plans.


A website is only as good as the content that is on it. Your customers will read about your company to see if you are a good fit for them.

Our copywriters use traditional conversion-centered practices to promote your services, the features they offer, the benefits of those features and why you’re the right company for the job.

Learn more about our website copywriting services.

Key Web has designed websites for businesses all across the nation. So if your business is out of state, no problem! Our experience in website design travels well.

With Richmond, VA as our primary location, Key Web mostly services businesses of all industries in web design and more for the following Virginia locations:

and more!

Gain More Leads, Produce Bigger Profits and Grow Your Business

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