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Attract more customers with a high-functioning custom website that increases ROI

People are searching for your services and we want them to find you before your competitors. Grab potential client’s attention with a unique and optimized website built for their demands.

Website Designs That Welcome More Traffic

What can a website do for your company?

Do you need to market your services? Do you want more people reaching out over the phone and email? Do you need to make your business run smoother?

Even the most focused and driven business owner doesn’t have the time to build a website that has everything you need. Key Web can create a professional and effective web design for you while you focus on other tasks.

Once your optimized and efficient website is live, your business can run better than ever before. A user-friendly and search-engine friendly site will rank higher on search engine results and get seen by more potential customers.

Your company can join the other attractive and stylish websites on the front page of Google. 

Key Web has years of experience crafting customized websites that help businesses in Henrico thrive.

Our skilled digital marketing team will work to ensure your website meets all your needs and helps you reach new goals. You’ll gain new marketing insight and a long-lasting partnership.  


Web Design is a Crucial Marketing Step

There are 1.2 trillion Google searches made each year.

Many of those searches are people looking for a business to solve their problems. This makes it crucial to understand people’s digital shopping or search behaviors. Your website should meet their expectations as best as possible.

You know your current customer base and Key Web knows your potential. There is extensive research showing the importance web design plays in reaching and keeping customers. Learn more about how your website’s functionality and search engine optimization can impact profit:

  • 73% of web designers say a non-responsive design drives customers away from a website
  • 50% of people consider website design crucial to a business’s branding
  • 43% of people use ad blockers, making organic search traffic crucial to success

The evidence is clear: businesses need an effective website to attract more customers online.

Your average user doesn’t have the patience to struggle with a poorly designed homepage and site navigation. Help them find the services they need with a high-quality website.

The speed, look, mobile capabilities and functionality of your website could be what it takes to gain a customer over your competitors.

Key Web wants to help you meet your potential customer’s demands. Our website designers can build your first website or redesign your existing one to be more modern and user-friendly.

From Henrico to Wherever Your Customers Are

Local businesses stand out from big name competitors by creating relationships with clients, understanding their market and showing they care. Building a high caliber website that reaches customers early in their search and encourages them to click through, shows your dedication to their needs.

A quality website is designed with your customer base in mind while also meeting the standards of your industry and challenging competitors. Your next website should be clean, intentional and clear.

Browsers rely on your site’s navigation to lead them to necessary information and solicit their business. A site filled with captivating content and clear pathways can convert users into customers.

As a well-established local business, you know your voice. Key Web is here to optimize that voice and project it to potential clients.

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3 Steps Towards Personalized Web Design

A website designed for your business needs to stay true to your vision throughout the entire process.Our process has been broken down into three steps that include you and your goals throughout the project. You can expect regular communications and updates as your website is crafted. 

Our unique Discovery Session is an engaging and thorough conversation that we use as the foundation for our web design project.

You’re given the opportunity to explain how your business works, what your team is like, the imagery associated with your company and how you stand out in your market. Your input drives the design strategy and assists in the creation of future marketing plans.

Using the Discovery Session to launch our plan, Key Web’s designers begin constructing a website to match your brand and meet your needs. The content on your website is written with SEO at the forefront and meticulously edited for the best quality possible.

Your website will be modeled to represent your company, which means your input is our most valuable tool. Your industry knowledge and customer relationships will be what has the greatest impact on the design and writing for your website. Key Web will use our expertise and skills to make your website goals a reality.

Once you are fully satisfied with the website, we launch your site and check to ensure it’s functioning smoothly. You will be fully trained to use your new website to set you up for digital success.

Your brand will now be clearly on display for potential customers to view. Your efforts to communicate your vision, provide feedback on design suggestions and approve completed work will greatly pay off.

How We Provide Web Design to Businesses in Henrico

All of the Key Web custom sites are built using WordPress as the content management system. Using this CMS you can update your website, add new content and change existing pages as your business grows.

You’ll be given a comprehensive website management training session to make your life easier and save you money on web updates.

You’ll never be fully on your own though, our dedication to your website continues past the launch. Just a quick phone call and Key Web can help you with updates and fixes with our website management services.

The content on your website is purposeful and data-driven right from the start. Our experts utilize SEO strategy to build a boost for your business and find out what keywords your potential customers are searching for. This initial SEO helps you reach new customers as quickly as possible. To really tap into all of your potential, we suggest starting an SEO plan to regularly adjust and add to the website for better reach after launch.

The digital world is constantly evolving and it’s important for your business to keep up. After just a few years your website could start losing functionality. By redesigning your website, you can keep up with modern design styles, increase SEO and pull in new traffic. An up-to-date website shows your customers that you take your business seriously.

The average person picks up their phone 96 times a day. It has become increasingly important to have a mobile and tablet-friendly website that people can use on the go. We ensure your website is easy to access by making it adaptable to potential prospects using mobile and tablet devices.

Front-Page Worthy SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brings your business to the forefront of your industry and potential customer’s Google searches. By identifying search queries, writing engaging metatext and increasing your visibility on Google, your website can attract more leads. 

Clients are looking for your services and Google is looking for accountable businesses. SEO ranking is based on 200 factors such as quality content, page experience, security, regular maintenance and the implementation of keyword strategy.  

Each website Key Web builds includes SEO strategy from the beginning, giving your website a head start on reaching new customers. Other web design companies may not optimize your website for search, meaning you could have a beautiful homepage that new customers never reach. 

Key Web has a vast portfolio of custom websites that rank on Google and is ready to tailor one to your unique needs. Our skilled web designers, SEO specialists and copywriters will work to increase your digital marketing reach and expertise.

Customized doesn’t mean complicated, your new website will be easy to manage through WordPress and easy to search for online.

"The team was amazing, engaging and took everything into consideration when designing our website for our industry.

We can't thank them enough. We will absolutely use them in the future for any design needs/concepts."

Keira Lowry

Director of Marketing

"My company has worked with Key Web for more than two years and the excellent service we received on Day 1 is the same excellent service we receive today.

They built us a beautiful website (we still get compliments on it) and they are helpful and knowledgeable about every single question I bring to them."

Heidi Williams

Marketing Director

"Within one month, due to Key Web's modern design, professional editing, and hard work, PIT CREW landed a new five-year contract that expanded our business over a ten-state region.

If you want the very best, call Key Web. I do have one warning for you... be ready to GROW!!!"

Travis Whittle


Richmond, VA

Unlock Your Online Potential Now

The first step to building your new website is sharing your brand and vision with us.Tell us your current and future goals for your Henrico business, and we’ll work together to create a custom website design that helps your business grow.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and move towards making your goals a reality.


Common Website Design Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to designing a custom website.

The cost of a custom website design varies from company to company.

The price will depend on the complexity and number of pages on your site. For example, a simple brochure-style website might only have 1-3 pages and can take less time and resources to complete than an eCommerce site with multiple product categories that has more complex functionality.

We offer our discovery session as a standalone service to help you determine the scope of your project. It’s a cost-effective, minimal process that can be essential to outlining the details of your website design and marketing strategy.

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: Client responsiveness, functions & features, page count and content acquisition are just some of the larger factors that come into consideration when determining the length of time it takes to design your custom website.

The biggest factor that affects the web design timeline is content creation and acquisition.

It can be overwhelming to handle the responsibility of writing all of the pages your website needs while you run your business. That’s why we offer full content creation services to take the burden of extra homework off your plate.

We’ll focus on creating conversion-focused content so your website can continue to be built without any writing delays.

Your website will be designed with initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This means we optimize the content and site to be search-engine friendly based on industry research. This is a great first step in generating a solid foundation for your online presence.

Initial SEO is not a guarantee of first-page rankings. But it helps increase your chances of visibility as opposed to local agencies who only design websites with no SEO applied.

For that reason, it is recommended that you look into an SEO maintenance plan that can take your website to the next level against your competitors. Visit our SEO page to learn more about these plans.

Custom website designs are just one of our select digital marketing services offered.

We also offer specific services that tie into your website such as:


A website is only as good as the content that is on it. Your customers will read about your company to see if you are a good fit for them.

Our copywriters use traditional conversion-centered practices to promote your services, the features they offer, the benefits of those features and why you’re the right company for the job.

Learn more about our website copywriting services 

Key Web’s 15+ years of web design experience has spread across various industries.

From service-based businesses to product and SAAS companies, Key Web’s discovery process helps transfer knowledge of your business to our team of web designers, developers and copywriters to build a truly personalized website that can grow your business; regardless of industry.

Learn more about our Discovery Session →

Key Web has designed websites for businesses all across the nation. So if your business is out of state, no problem! Our experience in website design travels well.

With Richmond, VA as our primary location, Key Web mostly services businesses of all industries in web design and more for the following Virginia locations:

and more!

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