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Custom Web Design in Chesapeake, VA

Turn your visitors into customers with professional website design for your business

Help potential clients find your business in the digital space with innovative web design that’s created for them. With a clear brand and data-driven content, you can increase your ROI.

Custom Websites Create More Business Opportunities

A website can do a lot of things for your Chesapeake business. Want to promote your brand and services? How about improving your daily operations? With a brand-new, personalized website, you can do all that and more!

Successful digital marketing starts with an innovative website that draws customers in. You have the potential to expand your operation tenfold when you have an optimized and efficient web design that meets your business needs.

The problem? Creating your perfect site can take a lot of work. You wear enough hats as it is, and building a website takes a lot of time and attention that you don’t have. Even if you do have a few moments to spare, you might not know how to create one effectively.

Let a professional web design agency bring the website of your dreams to life.

Key Web Concepts specializes in creating custom websites that grow your business.

You’ll gain a partner in the digital landscape that works with you to create a personalized design strategy catered toward expanding your opportunities for success.


Guarantee Your Company’s Digital Future

Every second, over 40,000 Google search queries are being made.

The facts are there – people tend to go digital when searching for solutions to their everyday problems. That’s why it’s essential to build a strong online presence for your Chesapeake business. By understanding what your target audience is searching for, you can learn what they prefer in a website that promotes your services.

Most users want a quality web experience from the get go – stiff content and dense navigation won’t hold their interest. A mobile, responsive, user-friendly and fast-loading website will help you keep customers, not lose them.

Whether your company is looking to create its first website or is in need of a complete redesign for their old one, our professional web builders can help your online presence.

Reach your target audience and keep their interest with innovative web design.

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Design with Your Chesapeake Customers in Mind

Web design that’s created with a digital marketing strategy has a better chance of reaching the right people. You can increase conversion rates and reach your business potential in Chesapeake, VA.

Clients want to know who you are and what your services can do for them.

If your website design is responsive with client-driven content and simple navigation, they’re more likely to stay on the site.

Key Web’s professional web builders create quality with user experience at the forefront. When you focus on customer needs, you’ll get more interaction with your company.


Boost Your Business Website with Initial SEO

As exciting as it is to create your own custom website, you’re not the only business building one. With more and more sites saturating the market, it’s crucial to find a way to make yours stand out from your competitors.

One of the most influential ways to improve your site’s search rankings is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When your website has conversion-centered content that’s data-driven, search engines like Google will rank them higher in search results, making it easier for customers to find you.

Key Web is one of the only web design agencies that design your custom website with initial SEO built-in. Our SEO specialists use foundational techniques such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Google Business Profile management

And this is just the beginning step. Initial SEO optimizes your website and gets it ready to rank, but with our SEO maintenance plans you can keep your business ranking even after the initial boost. Key Web will regularly update and optimize your site to keep it performing well.

With data-driven SEO from the start, you can stay above your competition.

Web Design as Easy as 1-2-3

Our custom web design process helps Chesapeake business owners like you stay in total communication and collaboration throughout the entire process.

The foundation of your entire website starts with you.

You’ll join us for an in-depth discussion so our web designers can understand your business goals and learn your brand identity and unique selling points. This will help us create a guideline for your website and any future work.

Key Web’s designers will take what was learned in the discovery session to build a custom website that best reflects your business while taking care of your company needs. Your services will be presented with SEO-focused copy that’s geared toward your customers to enhance their experience.

A successful web design will both accurately represent your business and inform potential clients. That’s why we use your input throughout the project and want your final approval before launch.

After optimizing your entire website, we look to you for final approval before moving into the launch phase. Once the website is launched, our developers will complete quality assurance to make sure it’s functioning properly.

You’ll receive a personalized training session to learn how to operate your website. With consistent communication and collaboration, your website should check all the boxes.

Our Web Design Capabilities

When you partner with Key Web, you’ll receive professional web design services that give your site more opportunities to reach potential clients in the Chesapeake area.

Our comprehensive services can give you:

Your custom website will be built on the WordPress Content Management System, allowing you full control over your site’s content. You’ll receive a one-hour training session to learn the basics of WordPress site management.

Key Web has website management services available if you don’t have time to make constant updates to the site on your own.

When your website’s content is written for the customer from the very beginning, you have a better chance at reaching your target audience.

Key Web’s SEO specialists build initial SEO into your web design, writing data-driven copy filled with keywords that your users are searching for. This will give your business a boost with the search engines so you can rank higher.

Our SEO services can help your website continue to climb the rankings after the initial jump through constant updates and content additions.

The digital world is constantly evolving, which means your website should too. Keeping the same web design and not following updates or new innovations will put you behind the curve. In just a few years, your website could become obsolete.

By redesigning your website every few years, you can keep up with modern design styles, use better SEO tactics and bring in new traffic. Up-to-date, professional web design is enticing and will appeal to potential customers.

Phones and tablets are becoming the modern source for online content consumption as people turn to their phones for daily assistance.  When you have a website that’s both mobile and tablet-friendly, it’s easier for people to find you.

A responsive web design will give your website superior user experience that’s catered to customers on their mobile and tablet devices.

"There isn't a week that goes by that we don't get several new clients and/or potential clients from the search engine optimization that Key Web does for our website. All I can say is BAAM...give these guys a call."

Chris Simmons


"My company has worked with Key Web for more than two years and the excellent service we received on Day 1 is the same excellent service we receive today.

They built us a beautiful website (we still get compliments on it) and they are helpful and knowledgeable about every single question I bring to them."

Heidi Williams

Marketing Director

"Key Web has handled our website since the very beginning, and they have delivered top notch service every step of the way. Highly recommended!!!"

Kevin Baker


Common Website Design Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to designing a custom website.

The cost of a custom website design varies from company to company.

The price will depend on the complexity and number of pages on your site. For example, a simple brochure-style website might only have 1-3 pages and can take less time and resources to complete than an eCommerce site with multiple product categories that has more complex functionality.

We offer our discovery session as a standalone service to help you determine the scope of your project. It’s a cost-effective, minimal process that can be essential to outlining the details of your website design and marketing strategy.

Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: Client responsiveness, functions & features, page count and content acquisition are just some of the larger factors that come into consideration when determining the length of time it takes to design your custom website.

The biggest factor that affects the web design timeline is content creation and acquisition.

It can be overwhelming to handle the responsibility of writing all of the pages your website needs while you run your business. That’s why we offer full content creation services to take the burden of extra homework off your plate.

We’ll focus on creating conversion-focused content so your website can continue to be built without any writing delays.

Your website will be designed with initial Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This means we optimize the content and site to be search-engine friendly based on industry research. This is a great first step in generating a solid foundation for your online presence.

Initial SEO is not a guarantee of first-page rankings. But it helps increase your chances of visibility as opposed to local agencies who only design websites with no SEO applied.

For that reason, it is recommended that you look into an SEO maintenance plan that can take your website to the next level against your competitors. Visit our SEO page to learn more about these plans.

Custom website designs are just one of our select digital marketing services offered.

We also offer specific services that tie into your website such as:


A website is only as good as the content that is on it. Your customers will read about your company to see if you are a good fit for them.

Our copywriters use traditional conversion-centered practices to promote your services, the features they offer, the benefits of those features and why you’re the right company for the job.

Learn more about our website copywriting services 

Key Web’s 15+ years of web design experience has spread across various industries.

From service-based businesses to product and SAAS companies, Key Web’s discovery process helps transfer knowledge of your business to our team of web designers, developers and copywriters to build a truly personalized website that can grow your business; regardless of industry.

Learn more about our Discovery Session →

Key Web has designed websites for businesses all across the nation. So if your business is out of state, no problem! Our experience in website design travels well.

With Richmond, VA as our primary location, Key Web mostly services businesses of all industries in the following Virginia locations:

and more!

When we finish designing your website, we will train you on how to operate it so you can make updates whenever you like.

Our training session will be recorded so you can always refer back to the video if you forget anything.

We will always be a phone call or email away if you do not feel comfortable making updates to your website.

Charges may vary depending on the scope of the request, but typically we will not charge for minor content updates that need to be made.


Find Success with Customer-Centered Web Design

You’ve worked hard on your business, and it deserves to be seen. By partnering with a professional web design agency, you can expand your company’s online potential.

Key Web Concepts will take the time to listen to your ideas and build a marketing strategy around your business goals.

Enjoy an innovative web design that’s both user-friendly, search-engine friendly and on brand from our team of web designers.

We take pride in helping Chesapeake businesses grow. Schedule a consultation with us today and reach your website’s full potential.

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