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Don’t Miss the Kodak Moments of 2017

  • Rachel Denison
  • Jan 02, 2018

It’s been a year.

From political turmoil to global tension, it’s not hard to look back at 2017 and feel relief that it’s over. You might even feel tempted to crank up some NSYNC. “Bye, bye, bye…”

But instead of just focusing on the negative aspects of this year, we decided to jot down our memorable kodak moments.

And all of a sudden, 2017 didn’t seem quite so grim.

A Fresh Facelift

To kick off 2017, the Key Web Concepts’ website got a facelift. After months of toiling and tinkering, our team finalized the redesign, which reflected our approachable but professional personality as a company. We focused on maintaining a clean but fun look on each page.

As one of our previous copywriters described it:

“Our new homepage is bright and modern with an intuitive design. We sought to provide our visitors with the information they want to know first, while still consistently and efficiently showcasing our personality and style. Our color scheme is bold and in accordance with our brand guidelines, which we feature as an example to potential clients.”

Overall, the redesign enabled us to showcase our brand and improve user experience. Although we started 2017 with a fresh face, our mission to provide personalized service stayed the same.

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Two New Faces

Another easy highlight took place when two new copywriters joined our team – Sarah Vaughan and Rachel Denison.

Sarah is a mom blogger, donut lover, and exceptionally talented writer, who adores her daughter, Kensie. Rachel is a recent graduate from James Madison University who’s excited to be back in Richmond doing the activities she loves – volunteering with nonprofits, spending time with her family, and doing all things outdoors.

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Both copywriters take on content, SEO, and social media tasks as they work together to help clients reach their potential. Recently, they’ve collaborated on a campaign called #RVAisforlocals, which celebrates local entrepreneurs while emphasizing the sacrifices that go into starting a business.

(Look out for blogs, blurbs, and short videos that we’ll share on social media highlighting the inspirational stories of these successful business owners in Richmond, VA!)

Staring at the Sun  

Let’s not forget the adrenaline-pinching, retina-destroying solar eclipse of 2017.

For those who thought two steps ahead and bought eclipse glasses, they observed the moon passing over the sun with jaws dropped while the rest of us peered into makeshift boxes (thank you kind sir who passed around his glasses).

It was mystical, it was unifying, it got us out of the office.

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[Emerge]ing Redesign  

After the Key Web Concepts redesign, our division of the company, Emerge, felt left out. Emerge’s services are tailored to help startups and small business owners gain traction online, and during this past summer, our team went all out refreshing the design and content.

On the homepage, we focused on highlighting case studies and emphasizing our goal to cultivate small business success. From new layouts to rewritten descriptions, the new version of Emerge’s website was built to boost user experience and meet the needs of our clients.

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We Like Turtles

Since our office is already strewn with plants, the natural next step was to get two turtle friends to add to the aesthetic.

First came Pixel, a small box turtle who likes to reside in one corner of the tank. Recently, another turtle friend joined Pixel, and we have yet to name it (we’re open to suggestions).


So if you’re looking back at 2017 and feeling discouraged or just glad it’s over, we suggest pinpointing kodak moments and focusing on positive memories. Whether it’s small business successes, new employees, or turtle friends, there’s always something to celebrate.

To learn more about our highlights from this past year or get help with your company’s website, contact us today – we’d love to chat with you!

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