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Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

  • Sarah Vaughan
  • Jul 06, 2017

Remember those VCR things from way back in the day? Before DVDs and Netflix, VHS tapes were the only way we could watch our favorite movies over and over again. But if I gave you a movie on a VHS cassette today, you probably wouldn’t be all that excited. Instead of pulling out the old VCR from the attic, you’d turn on Netflix and stream the same movie with a click of a button. At least, that’s what I would do.

And that’s exactly what mobile users will do if your website isn’t mobile friendly. They’ll choose to look at a different website that is responsive to mobile devices and will give them the information they need faster and easier.  A website that responds to devices of all kinds (like tablets and smartphones) will not only benefit those who use your website, but it will also benefit your business. Here’s why:

Easier for your customers

If I need an electrician but have no personal reference for one, then I’m going to pull out my smartphone and search “electrician near me” and conduct some basic research of my own. If you’re an electrician and I come to your site but I have to zoom in or if it’s hard for me to click on the buttons I need in order to finish my research—well, I’m probably going to go to a different electrician’s website.

Websites can be made to adjust their size and layout for customers using smaller devices. This means that your customers can use your site as easily on a smartphone as on desktop computer. When your business’s information is easily accessed, the possibility of new customers increases so it’s vital for your website’s success to be mobile friendly.

Google will penalize you if you’re not

That sounds pretty aggressive, but it’s true. Google awards higher rankings to those websites that are mobile responsive because majority of searches made on Google are from mobile devicesSo that means if your site isn’t mobile friendly, your google ranking could be lower that its potential. If you want to maintain your site’s google ranking or possibly improve it, make sure that your site is responsive to mobile devices.

SEO is an ongoing practice, and slacking on it could be costing you business. Keep it updated and let us know if you need help.

mobile friendly sites mobile responsive sites

Your business will seem up-to-date

Not only will a mobile friendly website help out your google ranking, but it will also help up your business’s legitimacy and relevancy. Just like the VCR scenario that we spoke about earlier, if your site looks like it’s from the 90s, well, many of your potential customers will wonder if your business is lagging behind the times as well.

A website that responds to all kinds of devices tells your users that your business is modern, up-to-date, and current. This could draw in new customers and help your brand remain reliable and relevant.

Social media brings mobile visitors

Your business’s social media pages (if you don’t have them, here’s why you need them) are there to bring more attention to your business and to make it easier for you to connect with your customers. Whenever you post on social media, majority of the post’s viewers are on mobile. So if they want to read your site’s fresh new blog post that you just shared on Facebook but can’t because your website doesn’t respond to a smartphone, then you’re blog isn’t doing much to boost your business.

If you’re going to put forth effort in social media accounts for your business (which you should) then make sure you understand your audience. Majority of users use social media on their mobile devices, and your website should respond to that for maximum marketing reach.

Ultimately, your business could grow

Staying up-to-date is crucial for your website and your customers. You don’t want to hand out information on an outdated VHS because people aren’t going to take the extra time required to watch and receive the information. Just as majority of people don’t use VCRs, majority of people are no longer using desktop computers as their main source of searching.

Help your customers use your website to its maximum potential and get a mobile responsive website. You’ll help current and potential customers receive the information they need about your business as quickly and efficiently as possible, and your business will be sure to receive multiple benefits because of it.  

And if you need help, let us know. All of the websites we build are mobile responsive because we know how crucial and beneficial it is to having a successful website today.

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