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Brand New Copywriter Intern Comes on Board

  • Rachel Denison
  • Jul 27, 2017

Hey everyone, my name is Rachel Denison and I’m thrilled to join the Key Web Concepts family as their fresh out of college copywriter and SEO intern.

Since graduating from James Madison University two and a half months ago, I’ve revisited all of my favorite haunts in Richmond and caught up on four years of deprived sleep. However, as an extreme workaholic, I could enjoy vegging for only so long before I dove headfirst into acquiring a full-time position and accepting that the college days of lounging on front porch sofas at 1 a.m. and maintaining a diet of CookOut quesadillas were over (shh that’s not a fast food bag on my desk).   

I walked away from the glory days with a major in public relations and minor in creative writing. While attending school, I wrote for JMU’s marketing agency, Technology & Design, and served InterVarsity as an executive coordinator, small group leader, and spring break trip leader. In addition, I assisted one of my former professors in conducting qualitative research studies while also completing freelance content marketing work for Snagajob. I saved the summers in between semesters for camp counseling at Summer’s Best Two Weeks (think rappelling 8-year-olds off a cliff), copywriting internships, or recovering from concussions and dislocated vertebrae. Like I said, I’m extreme.

During my sparse free time, I played intramural sports, hiked the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, and chased every sunset that I could with my seven housemates.

Since finally facing the notorious “real world” drop off, I’ve had the chance to rediscover old passions like poetry, volleyball, and clicking “play next episode” on Netflix. Sometime in the near future, I hope to get involved again with Church Hill Activities & Tutoring and jump back into competitive swimming.

In the long run, I hope to one day serve as a creative director, perhaps start my own nonprofit, and write a book or two (or get paid to travel – that’s always the dream). However, whether it’s jotting down poems, crafting abstracts on communication education within the medical field, or working on a memoir, I know that writing will always be a central part of my life and help me understand the world better.

Although I’ll no doubt pine for the spontaneity of college at times, I’m ready to master this adult thing. Most of all, I’m pumped to make my next moves doing copywriting and SEO work for Key Web Concepts.  

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