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Key Web Takes on 2017 with a Fresh Face

  • Morganne August
  • Jan 06, 2017

It’s taken a while, but it’s finally done: our redesigned website is launched! We’ve tinkered away at it for months in between clients’ projects and are elated to finally share it with you. We think it’s fun and approachable, but also clean and professional, just like us (most of the time).

Feel free to poke around on your own time, but here I’ve provided a brief overview of the redesign and a little behind-the-scenes action explaining why we made the design decisions we did.

Our old site and redesign. What a difference some color makes!


Our new homepage is bright and modern with an intuitive design. We sought to provide our visitors with the information they want to know first, while still consistently and efficiently showcasing our personality and style. Our color scheme is bold and in accordance with our brand guidelines, which we feature as an example to potential clients.

If you’ve ever been in for a consultation, you know that even though we work in a highly technical field, we take notes and make our to-do lists the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. The full-width, nearly full-screen hero image on the homepage, which features a computer screen and a cup of pencils and is shrouded in a dramatic gradient overlay, exemplifies our old-school-meets-new-school style. Besides being a clever play on our name, the phrase “unlock your potential” inspires clients to explore where a better web presence can take them.

The image is bordered along the bottom by a colorful pickup menu that features our most popular services. Each of these menu items leads to a page that provides a brief overview of that service and features custom icons designed in-house especially for our redesign. These pages also provide links to pages that describe more specific services in greater detail, like logo design and monthly SEO packages.

Back on the homepage, a discreet menu button in the top right-hand corner reveals a fly-in, hamburger-style menu with options that lead to an about page, a collection of case studies, our blog, consultations and contact forms, and hosting and SEO plans. The dual-menu structure is reminiscent of Facebook’s, which makes the most popular destinations readily available, and also provides more options with a click of the arrow button in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Menu in mobile view.


A quick scroll leads to case studies of our recent or featured work. Staying consistent with our bold theme, these images also feature gradient overlays in their logo or branding colors. Visitors can click through to see brief descriptions of the clients and our process as we worked together, plus mockups of logo, mobile, and web designs. We’ve provided work we’ve done for clients in a variety of industries to showcase our versatility—we appreciate the reciprocal business relationships we’ve developed with each of them!

Farther down the page, we’ve outlined our method and process for clients curious about the way we work. Site visitors can hover over the tabs to read more about each step. The homepage ends with a full-width call-to-action welcoming our visitors to reach out to us with their ideas, and our footer provides more contact information and our social media icons.

So that’s it—the end of our redesign grand tour! If you’re inspired by our bright colors and clean design, we’d love to talk about what we can do for your company in 2017.

We may have gotten a facelift, but nothing’s changing about the way we work. Our New Year’s resolution is to continue providing fresh ideas and innovative designs while remaining committed to our high standards of personalized service.

New school, meet old school.

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