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This Just In: New Copywriter Loves Words

  • Morganne August
  • Sep 01, 2016

Hi there! I’m Morganne August, Key Web Concepts’ newest copywriter and team member, and I’m pretty pumped to start working word magic for websites. I’m a lifelong lover of words and narrative, but where I’ve pursued them and what I’ve chosen to do with them has been anything but a committed relationship.

I graduated with a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech in 2010 and an M.A. in secondary education from William and Mary in 2011 before teaching middle and high school English here in Richmond for three years. Teaching can turn chestnut hair (fine—it’s mousy brown) gray pretty quickly, though, and I longed to be back on the other side of the desk (and piles of grading). In 2014 I returned to school as a VCU ram to pursue an M.A. in English and soak up all the words. I spent two years basking in world lit, creative nonfiction, multimedia writing, and a healthy dose of literary criticism (if there is such a thing) and have now been spit back out into the real world.

If the real world is here at Key Web Concepts, though, I think I can handle it. I’m eager to discover more about using words to promote, embody, and inform through copywriting for the web. Here’s what I’ve learned about words through my past lives and alter egos:

As a middle and high school teacher: 

There are MANY words I don’t know and don’t care to know. Just kidding (kind of). People (especially teenagers and young adults) want someone to know about their experiences/challenges/strengths, but they won’t always shout them from the rooftops. They might whisper them, or write them down, or imply them through tone or nonverbal communication.

As a forever student:

Use words to figure out what you believe in, what you’re willing to stand for, and what you question and then tell people, but let that narrative be malleable. If someone else’s story blows you away, let it change or inform your perspective. The people I’ve met through VCU have opened my eyes to ideas, religions, and lifestyles that I suspect I may not have stumbled upon in other avenues of my daily life.

As a local business cheerleader:

Word of mouth is free, organic, and almost effortless. Richmond is chock full of talented entrepreneurs and small businesses, and one of the easiest ways to support them is to share your positive experiences with friends, family, coworkers, tourists, and inquiring strangers. On the flip side of the coin, be gracious and think twice before logging on to Yelp to share a less than stellar experience.

As an overly devoted dog mom:

“Fat” hurts even when it’s about your dog. Also, tone matters. Anything spoken in a nauseating baby voice means something akin to “good girl!” or “do you want a treat?”


As a married millennial:

Say (out loud!) what you want for your relationship/home/weekend life/offspring/pets. Your partner can’t see the words sneaking through your brain (or stampeding through with torches and hatchets). Then listen when he/she verbalizes their needs. Personally, I’m making a specific effort to calmly tell my husband that the broken kitchen faucet is frustrating and that we need to call a plumber, rather than throwing food-crusted plates (the ones from Crate and Barrel that I had to have when we got married) across the room.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for being a patient listener. I suppose it’s pretty obvious now that I’m a talker, but I warned you: words and I are likethis. Check for an update in a few months when I can tell you what I’ve learned about words through copywriting!

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