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Web Design Trends of 2016

  • Ashley Cottrell
  • Jul 22, 2016

Trends are constantly changing and evolving, so why would website trends be any different? The jaw-dropping technological advancements of today have made their way into web designs, and businesses are taking full advantage!  With today’s society relying heavily on the internet for information and shopping, companies are doing their best to keep their websites as attractive and appealing as possible. Listed below are several web design trends that have gained popularity in 2016 and are predicted to influence websites in the upcoming year:


A recently coined term (since “motion picture” was already taken) that has been dominating in the fashion photography world. Photographs, with the help of flash media, now have the ability to “move.” The movement in the photo is subtle, yet enough to grab the viewers’ attention. What started out as artistic photography has now made its way into social media memes and onto websites as background layouts.  Apparently, making a cinemagraph is now as easy as taking a picture and using Photoshop!

Cinemagraph website design


Scroll Navigation

Why put up with constant clicking when you can just scroll? Scrolling down social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, is recognized as the easiest, and most preferred, method for this generation. With mobile usage now as frequent as desktop, websites have started simplifying their navigation by removing as many “click” options as possible and extending the scroll length of their web page. Websites using a parallax design (perception of continuous page length) benefit from the scrolling preference, as opposed to clicking. This allows “explanatory” and “virtual tour” themes, such as NASA Prospect, to have uninterrupted “storytelling” effects as viewers scroll.


Let’s face it, even if a website design is amazing, visitors might scroll past important information if the words aren’t legible and attractive. The spacing, sizing, location and color choice of font are extremely important when added to a web design. Calligraphy, which is the art of beautiful penmanship, is becoming increasingly popular on websites as titles and headlines. According to, calligraphic fonts have a more personal and tangible vibe to them.


Extended videos, or “movie preview clips” have also made their way onto websites. They’re engaging, attention-grabbing, and accepted by a wide-range of audiences (Who doesn’t like movies?) The key, however, is to keep the videos in moderation to avoid becoming a distraction from the rest of the website.


Make your website stand out! People are jumping on the bandwagon of hiring artists to create custom-made illustrations as their unique website design.  From iconography (the use of symbols) and animation, to hand-drawn pictures, custom-made designs give websites a personal feel and, as explained by, separates them from the common ‘cookie cutter’ websites.


Keep in mind that web design trends change periodically. Website redesigns are recommended every 3-4 years in order to increase website traffic and retain users.  Take a peek at our portfolio and let us know when you’re ready to give your site a face-lift.



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