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Introducing the Other New Girl

  • Nora Bollinger
  • Mar 24, 2015

Hello everyone! I’m Nora, the “other new girl” in the recent hiring spree and I’m excited to join the team as a designer. Introductions have never been my strong suit (those getting to know you games during freshman year orientation still haunt me in my nightmares), so bear with me!

Key Web Concepts web designer Nora Bollinger

To start, I’m a local Richmonder – raised in the city for the first half of my childhood and then the West End (Henrico) for the second half. My longest time away from the city was to finish my education at James Madison University in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There, I began as a hopeful future interior designer/architect. However, once I discovered the world of publications and the school’s fantastic media and design program, I quickly switched to become a SMAD-y (School of Media Arts and Design kid).

Although my degree lies in web design, my work experience is in the publication realm. As of a week ago, I was a designer for a series of lifestyle magazines also located in Chesterfield. And, before that, I designed yearbook covers for Balfour-signed high schools and colleges in Virginia.

Outside of the nine to five life, I’m most likely somewhere downtown. I moved into a cool two-story brick house on Grove last summer that I will be very sad to leave once the day comes. The house was built in the early 1900s and the last owner was a hoarder who died on the second floor (I’m convinced it’s haunted). My landlord bought it, flipped it, and now my roommates and I are selfishly enjoying being the first tenants since its renovation. If the weather is nice enough, I’m usually spending time on the front porch or walking around the neighborhood with my headphones on.

Speaking of headphones, I’m also a bit of a music nerd and enjoy taking advantage of Richmond’s brag-worthy music scene. On weekends I tend to be miles deep in record stacks at Plan 9 or Deep Groove, or catching a show at Strange Matter or Hardywood. I play a bit of bass, so it’s fun to pretend that I could be as good as some of the other talented locals Richmond’s birthed.

I’m excited by Key Web and ready to be a part of a talented team of designers, writers and creators!

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