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Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s Profile Page Redesign

  • keyweb
  • Apr 23, 2014

Twitter announced an updated profile page design a few weeks ago, and it was made available for all Twitter users to switch to yesterday. The redesign is heavily focused on making profile items, such as photos and tweets, larger, but there’s more to this redesign than updating the aesthetics. This new design incorporates the new functional features Best Tweets, Pinned Tweets and the option to Filter Tweets.

Old Twitter vs. New Twitter

Old vs. New Twitter Design

Converting to the New Design

Converting your Twitter profile to the new design is very simple, and Twitter has a series of helpful tips that display as they guide you through the new profile that make it easy to understand what’s different.

Steps for updating to the new Twitter design

When you first log in to your account, you’ll see a bar at the top of your feed that prompts you to try the new Twitter profile. Clicking on Take a Look takes you to what your new profile page will look like and shows helpful tips to make it simple to optimize your new layout. The new profile photo recommended image size is 400 x 400 px, and the new header photo recommended image size is 1500 x 500.

Conversion Results: Before

Key Web Concepts Twitter Before Optimization

As you can see on our page, the header image is incredibly blurry because it’s smaller than the recommended size, and our profile image is a little fuzzy for this reason as well. After resizing the images to the appropriate sizes and cropping, we uploaded the new images to the profile page and saved the page. The new, optimized images look much better on the new page than the old ones.

Conversion Results: After

Key Web Concepts Twitter After Optimization

Optimization is Key

Twitter has 241 million monthly active users, and many of those users access the service via the Web on a desktop, tablet or phone. It is important to keep your page design optimized for the newest design so these users have an optimized experience on your page while using Twitter and any other social media platform.

New Features

New Twitter Features and Design

Best Tweets

Tweets that receive more engagement – favorites, retweets and replies – will display larger than other tweets making it easy for users to see what your best and most engaging content is.

Pinned Tweets

Much like Facebook implemented a while back, Twitter now allows you to “pin” a tweet to the top of your page, allowing you to emphasize a particular tweet and ensure that everyone that visits your profile page views it.

Filtered Tweets

When viewing a profile page, users can now choose from a variety of timeline options to browse. Users can see:

  • All tweets
  • Tweets with photos/videos, or
  • Tweets and replies

The Best Time to Convert is Now

With the ability to emphasize and highlight your best content and optimize your profile design for the ideal user experience, Twitter has further solidified its position as a content network leader. Twitter has just rolled out these new features and design to profiles, and it is still an opt-in choice to convert.

Soon Twitter will force all users’ profiles into this new design, and it’s important to not only ensure your profile’s readiness for this switch, but to take advantage of these new content highlighting features as soon as possible.

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