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A True Sense of Pride

  • Jim Thomas
  • Feb 06, 2013

I’m normally not one to express pride to others.  It sometimes seems a bit egotistical and boastful.   But as I look back over the seven years Key Web Concepts has been in business…

Our newly-added Designer Bullpen

from where we have come, to where we are now, I can’t help but be proud.  Not as much about what I have accomplished, but what my staff… my TEAM has accomplished.  I’m sure there are better designers out there… better developers, better marketing experts, better copywriters, better search engine optimizers and definitely better managers… but there probably aren’t a lot of  them that are this talented AND have more character, integrity, passion, and fun than the team we have assembled here at Key Web Concepts.   It would be so easy to sit back and say, “look what I have created…” but in reality, it’s more due to a talented group of individuals who have a similar set of morals,  a desire to help others, a love for what they do, and a passion for awesomeness.  It is my staff that have helped this company become what we are today… and still strive to become better every day!

This past week we “expanded our territory” as we added another 1600 square feet to our office space at CentreCourt in Chesterfield, VA.  You may have seen some of the pictures of the newly finished space on our Facebook page.  Adding this additional space does more than just add more elbow room… it allows us to add more awesome staff to our team.  THAT is what I am most excited about.  Stay tuned as we continue to seek out the type of individuals that have the same ethics, vision and goals that our current staff have.  God has Blessed this company more than I could have ever imagined.  I look forward to what he has in store for us in our next 7 years!

Jim Thomas
Key Web Concepts, Inc.

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