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Fish, Farm Animals and Facebook: Key Web Concepts’ 2012 Social Year in Review

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  • Jan 21, 2013

We take a look back at our most engagement-friendly Facebook posts from the past year

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost a month into 2013! We’ve hardly had a chance to reflect on the great 2012 we had. But it’s better late than never, right?

Whether you’re looking at your personal or professional life, one thing is certain at the end of each year: you want to see that you have made progress. You can measure progress in your personal life in a million different ways–making new friends, accomplishing goals, even just making someone smile–but there is no tangible way to see just how much you’ve grown over the course of a year. Thankfully, in business, growth is a bit easier to track.

The need for new staff and an expanded office space both signify progress here at Key Web Concepts, but we’ve always been focused on our customers and our communities, so our impact with all of you is where we learn the most about where to go next. Thanks to measurement tools like Facebook Insights, it’s now easier than ever to see which of our updates are generating the greatest engagement with you.

Anyone who works at Key Web Concepts will tell you what a crazy, fun, and sometimes surprising work environment we occupy. Our most impactful posts from the past year prove that we’ve surrounded ourselves with like-minded, fun-loving people, and that’s a great sign of progress and the things to come.

So, without further ado, here are our top Facebook updates from 2012.

The Key Web Goats

Goats from Chesterfield, VA at Key Web Concepts

One of the great things about our office is the number of windows for us to look out of throughout the day. Still, it was quite a shock in September when we first saw two large, white goats emerge from the woods and start eating the grass at the edge of our parking lot.

They started gathering attention from the local news when they ventured out to Iron Bridge Road. Our Office Manager, Ashley, and Designer, Anthony, were interviewed about the goats on WTVR news. They even used Anthony’s photo!

We haven’t seen them recently (hopefully they’ve been returned to their owner), but we still look to the woods expectantly every once in a while.

Jim’s Office Aquarium

Office Prank at Key Web Concepts in Richmond, VA

If you’ve visited us for a website consultation or a meeting with Jim, you’ve probably noticed he’s a huge “a-fish-ionado.” In May, we noticed Jim was a little out of it, so we turned his office into a huge aquarium complete with floating fish and cellophane seaweed. Thankfully, we didn’t go all out and fill it with water too. He probably wouldn’t have appreciated that as much.

Erin’s Birthday Surprise

Surprise Party at Key Web Concepts in Chesterfield, VA

Erin may be our resident Word Ninja, but she couldn’t hide her birthday from us. When we found out, we piled into her office, “redecorated” it, and waited for her to show up to shout “Surprise!” She almost hit the ceiling she jumped so high. Needless to say, everyone has been very upfront about their birthday ever since.

So there you have it: We’re crazy, animal-loving pranksters, and you love it! With double the office space and an ever-growing staff, we’re looking forward to all the fun we’ll be able to share with you in 2013.

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