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Collaboration & Communication Tools For Optimum Small Business Performance

  • keyweb
  • Oct 30, 2012

Every business, big or small, must come up with creative solutions within their business to make their company run smoothly and efficiently. At Key Web Concepts, we face the same situations. Between trial and error, experimenting, and succeeding – we have discovered several online tools and software to help benefit our productivity and communications internally and externally. We wanted to share this tools and tips for small businesses which are free (or inexpensive) to help organize your upcoming projects and increase client communication.

At Key Web Concepts, we use all of these tools and wanted to share our collaboration techniques with you. My name is Lindsey Leemis, one of the recent new hires here at Key Web Concepts. As Project Manager, I am always involved with the Key Web Concepts team, and together – we have come up with creative solutions to organize projects through communication tools and organizational platforms.

For example, we have a growing number of Search Engine Optimization clients.  As the client list continues to expand, we recognized the need to develop a solution that organizes our clients in an efficient and effective method that proves the absolute best results for all parties. We are aware of the services we guarantee to our clients and we make sure that we deliver what we say we will and stay on top of the current accounts we already satisfy. We need a schedule, a calendar, a task sheet, a system, a notification, a timer, a reminder, etc. One of our best attributes within our firm is our client relations and we will strive to make sure our client communication is serving at its best at all times. So by utilizing tools like, Google Calendar, Basecamp, Google Forms, and shared Google accounts, our productivity is consistent and accountable.

Internal communications is a significant aspect within any company. Managing several account projects and meeting deadlines is imperative. Staying organized and being able to work independently while multi-tasking, as well as working as a team – can be very challenging. Here are some tools we use on a daily basis and are happy to share with our readers:

Free Online Project Management Tools:

    • Google Calendar
      • Google Calendar helps keep us all on schedule and also allows us to see each others calendars so there is no overlap in our conference room. By syncing our calendars together, we are able to collaborate more effectively. Google Calendar also alerts you with a friendly event reminder on your desktop when the next meeting or task is approaching. You can set this to any amount of time before the meeting under settings for the alert.
      • One of the solutions for Search Engine Optimization that we mentioned above includes utilizing Google Calendar. SEO Specialists, Erin and Gavin, block time out each day on their Google Calendar to work on monthly clients. By working on SEO each day, we stay on top of our countless  SEO clients by ensuring their site is accessed and updated every month.
    • Google Drive
      • Do you notice Google products becoming a trend? Well they are free and awesome! We use Google Drive to organize our website hosting clients as well other our up to date SEO client list.
      • Within Google Drive we use the Spreadsheet and Form to quickly write updates on recent SEO we have done to keep track of increased in page rank as well as strategic changes we make in the code of the website.

Inexpensive Project Management Tools:

    • Basecamp
      • What would we do without Basecamp? Without Basecamp, I might pull my hair out, just kidding…but really I might! Basecamp is a project management and collaboration tool that organizes all our clients into one place. It allows the project manager to set up new projects into Basecamp to collaborate with messages, a calendar, and sharing files. There is also a main dashboard that the project manager looks through and make sure we are on track with each project. Each projects calendar shows up on my main dashboard. I am able to change deadlines, call or message clients if we are have questions through the project.
      • Having everything in one place is a real asset to any business running multiple projects. Right now we have our 50 clients in our Basecamp. Basecamp has increased our communication with our clients and we have been able to better serve our clients. Communication and being readily available is important to the entire Key Web Concepts Team.

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Why Do Search Engine Optimization:

The purpose of having a monthly SEO program is so we can manage and monitor your website’s activity on a consistent basis.  With each account we:

      • Make strategic edits to the code
      • Update the content to continually target your audience
      • Study the trends and demographics of users to your site

Our SEO packages focus on monthly reviews, analysis, updates and improvements.  A continuous course of action will maximize your website’s performance.

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By using Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Basecamp we have seen huge increases in our client engagement and communication as well as more effective time management within Key Web Concepts.

Hopefully these examples have not only offered you insight into our office, but also provided you some pointers on how to be more organized or productive within your own company.

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