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Forbes Says “Forget Engagement, Increase Simplicity” with Social Media

  • keyweb
  • Jul 03, 2012

Client Engagement is key, but are you overwhelming consumers with your marketing tactics?

Forbes posted an article yesterday releasing information from the IBM Institute for Business Value stating the top reasons consumers follow a brand. Reason number 1 — to get discounts. Think about it. Why do you follow the pages you follow? Walmart, Movieland, Car Wash, etc… I’m willing to bet it’s not because you want to see ad after ad, or tips on how to smoke ribs 22 different ways.   You’re holding out for that one “facebook fans only! 20% discount”.

Social Media | Forbes“On top of trying too hard to engage with consumers via social media, marketers are generally pushing out too much information, causing people to over-think purchase decisions and making them more likely to change their minds about a product, be less confident in their choice and less likely remain loyal to the brand.” (Patrick Spencer, Forbes)

So what should companies do? Specifically, what should we do to combat this uncertainty? The solution is to use what Forbes refers to as Decision Simplicity—simplifying the decision making process so that customers won’t over-think their choice.

Marketers can help consumers in three easy ways:

  • Trust the information they receive—providing recommendations by consumer advisors, ratings and reviews.
  • Learn effectively without distraction— simplifying the research process by offering clear & streamlined brand-specific product information targeted to each decision stage.
  • Weigh options confidently—making transparent buying guides and brand differentiated information easily available.

Always remember to put yourselves in the seat of your consumer. Talk in their language, anticipate their needs, engage on a level that provides them with a simple solution!

For the full article by Forbes: click here.

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