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Can Social Media be Used to Solve a Problem?

  • keyweb
  • Nov 30, 2010

♪ Wah Wah Wah ♪

Houston, We Have A Problem.

Since Sunday, I’ve been plagued by the worst thing you can imagine: a lifeless Internet connection (okay, well, I’m exaggerating a bit, but the situation really is inconvenient).

My Internet service provider happens to be Comcast.  Due to previous experiences with Comcast customer service, I was a little agitated by the prospect of getting the runaround again.  I’ve been hung up on and flat out lied to; call me crazy, but those kinds of actions don’t make me very eager to give Comcast a ring.

Rather than take a shot in the dark with the dreaded customer service hotline, I decided to try something different.  I whipped out my phone and embarked on a quest to get my Internet back, social media style.

Social Media: Better Customer Service?

As Twitter and other similar sites have grown in popularity, many companies (Comcast included) have started using social media to improve customer support.  Comcast has been big on Twitter.  @ComcastCares is their main customer service hub, with other team members like @ComcastMelissa and @ComcastWill providing backup.

Though I knew I had a new channel to be heard through, part of me was still leery. Would anyone even respond? And how responsive would he or she be?

Listen Up!

Well, here goes nothing. I took to Twitter and fired off my first missive, complete with the hashtag #comcastsucks (I was feeling crabby).


Supposedly, the problem was fixed late Sunday night/early Monday morning. It was 8, 9 o’clock on Monday night. I missed that boat apparently. Not okay. [Side note: my cable went out Monday night too.]

I also decided to call out Comcast directly.


There. I told them.  Would someone help me?

Someone Is Listening!

@ComcastWill noticed my Tweets.  And answered me.

But he was not curt or dodgy.  @ComcastWill was extremely polite.  In his series of 140 character messages, I received better service than I’ve ever gotten on the phone.

I wasn’t the only person @ComcastWill was patient with.  A bunch of angry customers have flocked to Twitter over the course of the past few days, and each one has been treated with respect (even the people who were more colorful with their descriptions of Comcast’s shortcomings).

Cautiously Optimistic So Far.

I’ll admit it: I got a pleasant surprise. And some faith in Comcast has been restored.  Comcast is taking customer complaints seriously and is actually using Twitter as a tool to listen to and address problems (no lip service here, it seems).  Well done, guys and gals.  Well done. *Thumbs up*

We did manage to get my cable fixed.  Internet is still MIA, but I was told that a solution is actively being sought.  While I didn’t get an immediate fix for the Internet, I do appreciate that the Comcast representative was upfront with me.

Takeaway: If a company makes a true commitment, it can use social media to deliver real results and answers.

Have you ever used social media to solve a problem? Did that work out?

**Disclaimer: This is completely and entirely a personal experience that I have elected to share and reflect on. I am speaking only for myself, not for my workplace or any of my co-workers.**

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