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HOW TO: Use Social Media to Provide Awesome Customer Service

  • keyweb
  • Oct 27, 2009

One of the great things about using social media (new media) is that you can provide customer service in innovative ways.

Share information creatively – but make sure to stay on topic. Irrelevant posts, Tweets and status updates could turn customers off and leave them wanting more.

So, how can you use social media to reach out to customers and give them the best experiences possible? Consider …

Sales, Specials, Deals
Give customers the inside scoop on a special at your store, or offer them an exclusive incentive for being a Facebook Fan or follower on Twitter.

Example: A store offers 10% off any purchase for the first 25 customers who come in and say “I love [your store’s name] on Twitter.”

Company News
Share your excitement when great things happen with your company. Talk about a new hire, significant milestones, special occasions. Show how proud you are of your business. Invite people to be part of the celebration, but don’t turn them off by bragging too much.

Social media is about sharing with your community. Help them learn new things. Show them great resources for information.

Are you a roofing contractor? Post a link to a new article about tips for caring for a roof after installation. A green clothing retailer? Share your latest blog post about the newest “green” fabrics.

Ask your customers what they’d like to see next at your company. Is there a new service or product they’re interested in? Do they want you to open a new location? Give customers a change to be heard, and take their input into consideration. That way, when your business makes its next move, you can be sure that you’re responding to people’s actual needs.

Seek customer feedback! Give your customers enhanced support. You can use social media to answer people’s questions or address their complaints. Let customers know that you’re actively listening and eager to respond.

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