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Product Prism

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Connecting Retailers & Manufacturers

Product Prism connects retailers looking to quickly and easily find and purchase products with the manufacturers who sell them. The founder, who had ample experience with product management, created Product Prism from the ground up, so he needed a logo, website, and print materials to use as advertisements. Since the branding would set the tone and style for the website and graphic design, our designer tackled the logo first. Product Prism wanted to use blue and yellow to represent the two groups he sought to bring together: retailers and manufacturers. In the final design, two prism shapes—one blue, one yellow—angle away from one another but nearly connect—a nod to their opposite areas of expertise and the way they work together.

Product Prism’s website is simple at first glance. A straightforward homepage features a full-width image with two call-to-action buttons: a blue one for retailers and yellow for manufacturers. When retail subscribers log in, they see products, categories, and manufacturers that are easy to scroll through and select. Manufacturers participate for free and populate the user system with products and other content. Because manufacturers need login access, our designers faced the challenge of creating an intuitive user system that still was able to cater to a multitude of different types of products. The result is a site that appears deceptively simple on the front end, but delivers product information, retail/manufacturer connections, and product tools on the back end.

Product Prism needed a way to get the word out, so we also provided graphic design services and loaded them up with eye-catching, informative postcards to be mailed out to potential customers.

Visit the live site here.

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