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Greater Unity Adult Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Greater Unity Adult Services is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment where adults with intellectual disabilities can learn valuable life skills. We were approached to design a modern, user-friendly, and approachable website.

Forming a Greater Unity

When Eugene Thomas joined us in our office for his initial consultation, we knew there were big things in store for Greater Unity. He was just getting started on the Employment Services division of his company and wanted to use the new venture as a starting point for updating the overall look of Greater Unity Adult Services.

We set out to update the image of the existing company website to make it more visual, more interactive and more modern. We came up with a full-width website with large text, a simplified main menu, unique layouts, and animated hover effects to guide users to the most important areas of the site without losing their attention with content overload. An expandable menu in the top-level navigation provides an opportunity for visitors to quickly access additional information and services.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was fitting the Employment Services division into the site as a separate entity without losing the brand identity we created. We achieved this brand consistency on the site by inverting the colors for the menu when visitors are in the Employment section, and adjusting the sidebar menu structure, but otherwise maintaining the other design elements from the main area of the site. The result is a site that functions the same for both sides of the company and promotes the unity between the two divisions.

Unifying Print and Digital Marketing

Our work didn’t stop with the redesign of the website. We worked with Eugene to create marketing materials for his services, including a promotional postcard and multiple brochures. In addition to the print pieces, we also assisted with social media, setting up a Google+ page and composing content for a LinkedIn page to help get the word out.

Working alongside Eugene to create a new brand identity was an exciting challenge, and one we couldn’t be happier to share as evidence of the benefits of completing a comprehensive brand overhaul. We’re excited to hear what the future holds for Greater Unity Adult Services!


Visit the live site here.

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